Makeup Essentials That Can Last on Your Date Night

If you have a date coming, you are in the right place. Aside from looking gorgeous from the time your date sees you, your look should last throughout your date. Here are some essentials in making your makeup last longer:


To avoid getting greasy or sweaty, you can opt for a lightweight, oil-free, and water-based foundation. These foundations will not make you look too white since these blends well on the skin. Therefore, you will have a moisturized, natural, and glowing skin.


Your best bet for a lasting eyeliner is a cream that’s easy to apply and waterproof. Going for a black eyeliner is your best choice for a date night.


You can choose a lipstick that is multifunctional for a quick touch-up. Some lipsticks or stains can act as a blush-on and eyeshadow at the same time. Even if you eat and drink, your lips will stay vibrant until you go home.


Waterproof mascara is good since it will not smudge, clump, or flake. You can opt for a mascara that sticks well to your lashes and can be layered many times.

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