Beauty Influences That Are Worth Following

Many beauty vloggers and bloggers go beyond beauty in their content. Some have made their content more inspiring by tackling real issues. Here are some of the influencers who are worth watching, following, subscribing to:

Nyma Tang

If you are on the lookout for the best foundation, vlogs made by Nyma Tang can be helpful. What she does is leave her foundation for a long time and give her feedback about it after. Therefore, viewers can get an idea if the product is long-lasting or not. She also tests these products if they easily transfer or crease.

Shalom Blac

She has gotten a lot of views since she started in 2015. That is because of her informative, inspiring, and interesting content. Nevertheless, she made a minor change from sharing makeup techniques to talking about being individualistic and having self-love.

Bretman Rock Tompkins

This beauty influencer from Hawaii is a bold makeup guru. He keeps his content raw and often talks about his Filipino roots. Whether he shows unboxing packages or confesses, his consistent energy and real reviews will get viewers hooked on his content.

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