Lipsticks for a Cause

These indie lipstick brands will not only add life to your lips but also help out organizations. Here are some of the lipsticks that you ought to try for a good cause:


Unapology lipsticks were created by 2 fierce women from Google. They created these lipsticks to help women empower themselves. 10% of the earnings go to a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance for women just starting their own business. Moreover, this lipstick line is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and safe because it has no parabens or scent.

The Lipstick Lobby

For people who are vocal about the government, this lipstick is worth checking out. Depending on the shade chosen, a part of the earnings from this lipstick line will support health care, gun control, reproductive health, and reformation of criminal justice.

Color The World

Being aware of social issues, you can choose over 30 lipstick shades that each represent an organization. Whether you want to protect the coral reefs or help find treatment for Alzheimer’s, you can support these causes by buying lipsticks from this brand.

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