Best CBD Skincare Brands

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is almost everywhere. CBD is found in d8 infused hemp flower, capsules, gummies, oils, or other skincare treatments.

However, what exactly is CBD skincare, and what is it doing in a water bath, cleanser, or moisturizer? What are the benefits that are observed in the skin?

Below are some simple explanations about the importance of CBD on the skin and how people should use it.

What does CBD do for the skin?

Research has found that skin aging and acne are brought about by damage to the epidermis and inflammation. When CBD is used in products such as moisturizers, they help in a way that:

  • Oil production is regulated on the skin
  • Inflammation is reduced significantly.
  • The skin is fully hydrated.

Products with CBD have instructions clearly labelled on them, and one can read them before usage. However, excess use can cause the skin to be irritated.

CBD Brands You Should Try

Below are some of the CBD brands which people should try:


This brand has products known to be very small but full of CBD benefits when used correctly. Their products smell great, which makes them very popular.

Another advantage the brand has is that its products leave the skin glowing well, especially the glowing serum.

Beekman 1802 CBD collection

The brand is known to have the best soap and body lotion in the CBD market. Their products utilize goat milk which is mixed with CBD.

The results are fantastic. The massage stick treats muscular pain, mainly when applied around the neck and shoulders. The dry oil also makes the skin glow.

Lily CBD

The brand is known to make high-quality CBD products, which are great for the skin and red hair. The CBD and aloe Vera infusion are known to make the skin as hydrated as possible.

Lily CBD is thick, and its texture is magnificent. The ingredients used to make the product help in the skin rejuvenation process as they don’t have inorganic fillers and preservatives.

Another impressive thing about it is the instant cooling and hydration it gives off.


This CBD product is very relaxing, primarily when used during showers. When mixed in water during the bath, the ingredients such as ginger and hemp penetrate the skin; the ingredients make the skin radiant. The product also has a good smell, which helps one relax after taking a bath.


The Korean brand is known for its extensive use of CBD in its products. Kana, the new development in the market, is known to have no dyes, fragrances, or impure ingredients that can damage the skin.

Kana has lotus, which is pink, that makes the skin glow and look natural. When also applied to the skin, it hydrates the skin making it feel smooth.

The above brands are, in my opinion, the best in terms of CBD 🙂

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