Blonde Hair Do Care

It’s so much fun to have blonde hair for a change. While I wouldn’t say I believe the saying “blondes have more fun,” but right now I do feel extra sassy. I don’t know if it’s the hair or just having a real hair change in years, but it does the soul good. 🙂

There’s a steep learning curve for taking care of blonde hair though. She’s certainly not as easy breezy as her brunette counterpart. Thinking of going blonde for summer (or years to come)? These are the products that are upping my hair game right now.

Blonde Hair Care


Newsflash: your shampoo matters. Especially when you have chemically treated blonde hair.

Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue Shampoo * ($5.99) actually blew me away. This drugstore find helps reduce hair damage (including chemical, thermal or UV) and keeps the hair strong against future damage. I actually already finished a bottle of this, and I’ve asked for more! It makes my hair so soft without that silicone-y feel, you know? I’ve been heat styling my hair more than usual lately but this stuff keeps my hair strong. Of course, because it’s by Head & Shoulders, dandruff is non-existent now, too. And it smells so good; it totally smells like a high end hair care line.

Light Blue Shade Shampoo for Dry Hair (around $10). Purple shampoo is an absolute must if you have naturally dark hair and want melty caramel hair (mmm caramel!) without the unsightly copper tones. This one is a recommendation by Jane, the hair whisperer. The woman can convince me to buy any hair product, I swear. I’ve never heard of this brand before, and I got this at one of the bigger Rexall stores, but it is great stuff. It is definitely more nourishing John Frieda’s (reviewed here), and it’s a deeper purple, too. I will forever hoard this until the day I go back to my natural dark brunette.


My hair is in pretty good condition because I have kept it dark and mostly natural for a few years now, but going several shades lighter definitely dries it out. A lot.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque * ($36). Another empty in my bathroom (note to self: buy more!). This is the best deep conditioning treatment I’ve ever used. It makes my hair soft as silk, and really nourishes my ends where it is much needed. Alternate with a regular conditioner after every other shampoo for best results.


Styling products need to provide UV protection to prevent that hair from fading or turning a funky colour. These are my picks for styling products.

KEVIN.MURPHY BODY.BUILDER Volumising Mousse ($25). This is the. best. volumising mousse for fine hair. I truly believe it. I got this at my salon, and it does what it says. It creates fullness without making hair heavy nor crunchy. I use a palm sized amount. It sounds like a lot but it’s so weightless that I can put this on from root to tip for unapologetically big hair. Fantastic for all hair types. I use it from roots to mid-shaft for everyday volume. Oh, and it smells amazing, like marshmallows or cotton candy. It makes me happy!

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Crème Fine * ($54). For pretty hair, use this. Touted as a day cream for your hair, this cream promises to bring out your hair’s natural beauty. Everyday I apply this from mid-shaft to ends. This treatment combines the benefits of a hair oil and the silkiness of a cream to create the most luxurious texture. Its pomegranate extract provides anti-oxidant properties to protect and restore life to the hair. It smells fantastic, too; its notes include roses and jasmine, but I think the lily of the valley note is most prominent.

Moroccanoil Treatment * ($43) has a cult following for a reason. Besides the fact that it smells sooooo good, what I love most about it is that it speeds up my hair drying time so much. Its formula “transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection.” Oh and I must mention, if you’re a Moroccanoil fan (aren’t we all?), this:

Moroccanoil Travel Kit

For summer, new limited-edition Moroccanoil Travel Kits are totally customizable, complete with a complementary crocodile-embossed travel bag. Just pick any four travel-sized product to make up your personally curated travel kit. Products range from ($9 to $17).

Do you have blonde hair? How do you take care of it?

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  • I really just have to mention that the Morroccanoil brand is mostly silicones with some argan oil to give it a sexy twist. If you want all argan oil, you should buy 100% argan oil…

    • True, but I think that’s what makes this speed up drying time!

  • How often do you have to refresh your color? The upkeep really is killing me…I think I’m going to dye it back this weekend when I have my hair appointment.

    • I think this wouldn’t need that much maintenance, because of the way my colourist did it. My roots are just slightly lifted so that it blends nicely with the blonde. I’d say maybe every 6 weeks or so I’d get a root touch up. 🙂

      Red is so much more high maintenance! How often do you go?

      • Every month-5 weeks ish. I love the red, but I’m starting to get bored again, LOL. And if I cut it, I definitely can’t keep up with color + cut. Got hair appointment this weekend…I think I’m gonna cut and go back to natural color. I love your blonde, though! Maybe I’ll try something like that later this year when everything grows out a bit.

  • The Kevin Murphy product sounds great. I have blond hair and am always looking for lots of lift and volume with my style. I use the Aveda Blue Malva to keep my blond nice and bright.

    • The KEVIN.MURPHY products are amazing. I’d love to get more at my salon. They have volumizing shampoo too that is supposed to help get that lift. 🙂

  • I use the Kerastase elixir ultime as a post wash serum and its brilliant stuff! I have actually switched to John Masters Bare Unscented shampoo/detangler duo and have never been happier with my hair! 🙂

    • Ah that John Masters Bare shampoo is on my wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  • I recently colored my hair lighter… and I wish Light Blue Shade was sold State-side! I can’t find it anywhere- not even on Amazon! 🙁

    • Hi Jenny C! I believe you guys get Clairol Shimmer Lights. That’s supposed to be good as well, just not as nourishing as Light Blue Shade.

  • Hmmm….may have to check out this Light Blue option. I too have the Shimmer Lights but find it to be too drying to use daily. I recently purchased the Bain de Terre Passion Flower shampoo for color-treated hair and so far, so good. I too feel sassier with my new blonde hair but I also think it stems more from doing something SO different from what I’ve been working with for the past 34 years! A hair change is kind of amazing! I love your new hair look. I think it suits you so much and brings a brightness to your pretty face!

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