#BattlePink: Supermodel Waves by Civello Wash & Style for Rethink Breast Cancer

As many of us know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer has affected almost all of us For a second year in a row, Rethink Breast Cancer has asked fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers (like me!) to take part in #BattlePink to raise money and awareness for this for this great cause.

This year, many well-known brands such as OPI, Swarovski, Aerie and eBay are offering PINK products to contribute to Rethink Breast Cancer’s campaign. Rethink asked us to test drive the products and services and showcase them in a head-to-head battle. The battles will be posted online, and one of Rethink’s sponsors will make a donation based on the number of votes. So vote often!

I am showcasing Civello Wash & Style for Rethink Breast Cancer. For the entire month of October, Civello will donate $5 for every Wash & Style service ($35 — $57.50 depending on stylist). Check out my entry for the challenge below:

I’m so low maintenance when it comes to my hair, but unfortunately, it means that my hair looks limp most of the time. For this challenge, I asked for what I think is the perfect hairstyle: natural, bouncy loose waves. Think Victoria’s Secret supermodel on her day off. My inspiration is one of the Olsen twin sisters (on the left). I don’t know if this is Mary Kate or Ashley, but the hairstyle is everything my hair ever wanted to be, and more. 🙂

MK and A Olsen Loose Waves
My inspiration on the left

The Civello Wash & Style service starts with a heavenly head and shoulder massage. I mean, you could just see how relaxing this is. You could almost hear me go oh yeahhhh...

Battle Pink Glitter Geek 1
VOTE if you like my embarrassingly blissful head massage face, LOL!

Niki from Civello Queen Street started by giving my hair lift at the roots with Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep, which is on my wishlist now, by the way. A tip from Niki: to create lift, take your blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and with a paddle brush. Pull the hair vertically and follow with the heat of your blow dryer. I’ve been doing this at home and it really works!

Battle Pink Glitter Geek 2

Niki used a flat iron and curled away from my face, alternating from the left and right side to create loose symmetrical waves. She took thin 1.5 inch sections of my hair to ensure each strand is curled. I usually just grab a big chunk o’ hair whenever I do it at home; no wonder I can’t curl my hair properly!

Battle Pink Glitter Geek 5

Battle Pink Glitter Geek 3
One final misting of Aveda Air Control (it smells amazing!)

I love these effortless flat iron waves that Niki gave me in less than 15 minutes. It’s a definite head turning style, but also not trying too hard. “My hair? I just woke up and got this hair style naturally” is what I wish I could say every morning.

Battle Pink Glitter Geek 4

Battle Pink Glitter Geek Low Res final
Just call me Serena van der Woodsen. xoxo!

Switch up the lips for a juicy red and you’ll take this style into a whole ‘nother level of glamorous. Or maybe this Victoria’s Secret smokey eye? If you have a special event to go to in October, I totally recommend the Wash & Style service at Civello with Niki! She’s a total sweetheart and she wields a flat iron like nobody’s business!

Love my look? VOTE FOR ME! Click here to jump to the contest page. Follow the battles on Twitter @RethinkCanada and on Facebook here.

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  • Liz

    Hey, Serena – you look great! 😉 I went “aaaaaahhhh” at the misting action shot, lol. And that Olsen on the left is Mary Kate. (It’s a little scary that I know this.) I’ve been to Civello for facials before but never hair. Will have to keep it in mind for future.

    • Hahahaha thanks for clearing up the twin situation, Liz. 😛

      Mr. Geeks took the photos. They turned out really well. Maybe I should drag him along for all the events I go to. 🙂

  • Toya

    DAMN gurl. That is some amazing hair! And you’re right, it really doesn’t look overdone or like you had to work at it. Sweet 🙂

  • LOVEEE dem seksi waves. and LOL you look so blissed out, I wanna be you in that moment!

  • pretty! Also, why do i really like mk&a’s makeup there? lol

  • allsheneedstoknow

    Good luck in the contest! I have naturally curly hair but occasionally I’ll straighten it and put loose waves like yours. Nothing makes me feel more like a Victoria Secret model then that hair!! 🙂

  • Ahh one of my most favorite hairstyles… I love the way you described it – it’s really gorgeous yet not doesn’t scream “I spent hours getting ready”