You Big Flirt! Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Fragrance Collection For Women essie Sensual Set #2 Review, Photos, Swatches

This spring, Ralph Lauren and essie are getting on board the matchy-matchy train! The two big brands have created four limited edition fragrance and nail sets available now in Canada. The sets come in two formats:

  • 30 ml fragrance, 50g body mist & essie nail polish ($47 exclusively at Jean Coutu in Quebec) — the one I’m showing here!
  • 50 ml fragrance & essie nail polish ($67 available at The Bay and Sears)

I received set #2 for the Sensual Woman. She’s pink, flirty and 100% fabulous. πŸ™‚

Appealing to the sensuality in every woman, #2 carries a sensual fragrance that could only be bottled in pink. Accessorize the feminine hue with a few criss-cross lines, reminiscent of laced ribbons.

Big Pony Fragrance Collection Essie Set 2

essie Polish in #2 Pink is a fuchsia creme. I found this to be on the thick side. One coat gives great coverage, but I decided to go with two to cover some uneven spots. Inspired by the nail art created by nail art Rita Remark created for the collection (more on that later!), I tried my hand at nail art myself: polka dots!

Big Pony Fragrance Collection Essie Set 2 Wearing Nail Polish
My lipstick

I paired Pink #2 with a red, essie Polish in A-List. Cute, no? I think it perfectly suits the sensual woman this set represents.

Big Pony Fragrance Collection Essie Set 2 Nail Polish Swatch

When one is a beauty blogger and not specifically a nail blogger, she must improvise on how to show off the nails in a non-macro setting. Watch and learn. Clockwise from top left: “The runway model”, “The fake laugh”, “The come hither, not to be confused with the finger”, “The oops I did it again!”

Unleash your inner geek, girls! Life’s too short to be cool. Just have fun with it. πŸ™‚

Ralph Lauren Essie 2 outtakes

Keep reading to see more photos!

The Ralph Laurent Pink #2 fragrance is “a floriental fruity with the key ingredients of cranberry & tonka mousse.” It’s a light, fresh fragrance that is perfect for the warm summer months, when you don’t want to smell like you’re wearing a perfume at all. I don’t usually wear fruity scents, but the floriental notes in this balances the fragrance nicely so you don’t walk around smelling like sweet fruit. Glitter Geek likes! πŸ™‚

Big Pony Fragrance Collection Essie Set 2 Fragrance

Just grin and spray it on. Just don’t eat it like I did in this photo. I should’ve closed my mouth, LOL!

Big Pony Fragrance Collection Essie Set 2 Body Mist
Aim lower, Geeks! Not at your face!

For these limited edition collections, Rita Remark, lead nail artist for essie Canada, created four nail looks to go with the personality of each Big Pony set. Which one is your favourite?

Big Pony Essie Nail Art
Special edition bags and inspired nail looks for the Big Pony Collection

I’m biased, but I like #2 the best!Β Here’s a tutorial Rita Remark did atΒ FASHION magazine, highlighting the nail look for the #2 set!

Big Pony Fragrance Collection Essie Set 2 Contents

If pink isn’t your thing, you will definitely find something you love in the three other sets:Β Sporty (Blue #1), Free-Spirited (Yellow #3) and Stylish (Purple #4). What’s your Big Pony Fragrance personality?

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    • Thanks so much Rema dear! Such a huge compliment! <3

  • I love the idea! The color is so pretty, I will have to look this up it’s too cute! πŸ™‚

  • Your nails look so adorable!

  • Great job on the nails- really fun mani! and i love these photos, such a playful vibe. Speaking of matchy matchy- I love the lip pairing… what color is this? So flattering on you and perfect for spring.

    • Thanks Lorraine! πŸ™‚ It’s YSL #7 Le Fuchsia. My favourite fuchsia!

  • That fuchsia polish is beautiful. It’s so bright and fun.

    • I know eh? It’s such a happy colour. πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful, Arianne! I love how you matched your lips and nails. Beautiful color! YSL really makes great fuschias. Do you recommend any fuschia lipsticks by Chanel? πŸ™‚ For Asian NC25 coloring with yellow undertones. Thanks!

  • omg I love what you did with this post, too adorable! My personal favorite: “The come hither, not to be confused with the finger.” LOL totally thought it was a very seductive version of giving the finger at first.

    • Hahaha seductive flip off, I love it MM!

  • Haha your snapshots are super cute πŸ™‚ I’m pretty impatient with nail polish application (even my most patient looks pretty bad compared to all the amazing nail-painting-guru-experts-etc out there) so I usually spend forever trying to find the right angle to show my nail polish swatches