Eyeliner Problems? This Quick Tip Might Help You Even Out Your Eyeliner.

Why is eyeliner so difficult to get perfectly even, you guys? The following situation is sadly too familiar to many of us:

The Frisky Putting Eyeliner On
Source: The Frisky

Total FML moment, right? Last week while fixing my uneven eyeliner, I found an effective and really simple fix.

Wonky eyeliner
Uneven eyeliner

Here’s our starting point. The liner on the right side is drooping and not as lifted. You wanna fix that; it’s not cute.

So everyone and their mother already knows and loves the awesome Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution for sensitive skin. There’s also her sister Bioderma Sébium H2O ($22, in drugstores) for combination/oily skin, which is what I’m using today.

Bioderm Sebium H2O
I like you, Bioderma Sébium H2O.

Next: Q-tips, right? Wrong. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time using Q-tips for precise makeup removal. It’s just messy to me. The cotton soaks up a lot of makeup remover, ruining my makeup more than actually fixing it. Plus, there’s no precision!

Fix your eyeliner q tips
Q-tips. In the words of Grumpy Cat: NO.

Keep reading to find out how I fixed my eyeliner!

Fix your eyeliner liner brush
I like you, too, angled eyeliner brush.

If you’re a makeup brush fanatic you probably have an extra (clean) angled eyeliner brush in your drawer somewhere. Go ahead and pick it up. An angled liner brush provides the precision and control we want for this clean-up job. It’ll remove a crisp line of makeup in a flash.

Bioderm Sebium H2O pump

Just use the pump from the micelle solution, and wipe most of it off on a paper towel. You want it to be damp and not dripping wet. Then apply the cleansing solution along the excess liner.

Fixed eyeliner

Redraw the line, and smize. :)

Fix your eyeliner final 1

I love me a crisp cat eye. Mrrrowww.

Fix your eyeliner final 2

“Did somebody say cat eye? I got your cat eye right here, miss!”

Fix your eyeliner final with Scherbie

What’s your tried-and-true tip for getting a perfectly even cat eye? :)

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  • http://aucupariabrumalis.wordpress.com/ Claire

    what a beautiful post 😀 I know exactly what you mean, happened to me as well *sigh*. I actually use a q-tip but never thought of using a brush. I am going to try this, it seems a lot easier as well. Love the pictures so much <3

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Thanks Claire!

  • http://twitter.com/AshleyMcKernan Ashley McKernan

    Love it!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Thank you Ashley. :)

  • http://twitter.com/mostlysunnyblog Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    Scherbie! Oh haaai!

    Thanks for the tip, Arianne! I normally just use a Q-tip but you’re right about it getting a little messy sometimes. I’ll try an angled eyeliner brush next time!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Hi Auntie Sunny! :)

      Hope the tip works for you.

  • makeup alldaylong

    Great tip! I hate that lopsided eyeliner look!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      I hate when I see it on me and I’m already out. :(

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ TheProcrastinator

    LOL I love the little infograph. That happens to me ALL the time!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Ugh I know!

  • http://10amBeauty.com/ Alison M

    Perfect! I’ve been working on my winged liner lately and will definitely use this trick.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Go Alison!

  • http://beautymoogle.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    I love pointed Q-tips for fixing eye make-up. They aren’t as fluffy as rounded Q-tips so you can be way more precise.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Hi Jenn! I do have the Q-tips when I’m working on clients but it’s still messy to me. I don’t know! I find this is the most foolproof way to do it. :)

  • http://www.bellachique.be/ Teri

    Oh wow, thank you so much for this tip! You are right about the q tips, they are not precise enough, so I mostly don’t even bother. I’m so gonna try this the next time! ^^

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Let me know how you do, Teri! :)

  • TOBeautyReviews

    LOL you’re too funny 😛 Love this post! good tips – I am lazy so I use q-tips but I will give the angled brush a try!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne


  • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com Larie

    I’m always too lazy to fix the damn thing T_T Also I’m pretty sure my eyes are lopsided, hahahaha. I don’t have this Bioderma stuff. It doesn’t leave any residue, then?

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      No Larie it just dries down without any residue. :)

  • http://thesmalllittlethingsinlife.blogspot.com/ Annick

    Oh Arianne, you’re so freaking adorable! This is a great tip though, and I’ll certainly not forget it! I have such a hard time getting an even black cat liner and keep smudging it all over the place with q-tips! This is life changing!!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      You’re welcome. :)

  • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine

    HAHAH I’m loving the cat humor… her face is so precious! She looks so, so soft. Because, you know, I’m such a crazy cat lady I can totally assess a cat’s softness visually… Anyway, this is definitely a great tip, I use Bioderma to clean up liner often… I like those little pointed q-tip things from Sally’s for this too, I’ll have to try it with an angled brush

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      She *is* soft. But what you don’t see are her claws digging into my arms. Hahaha but she is my favourite. :)

      I still like the angled brush more than a pointed Q-tip. I use those a lot when doing makeup on clients, but it doesn’t make a precise line like an angled brush.

  • JessicaGettingCheeky

    You are so beautiful! Even with the uneven liner. This is a great tip, Geekz!

    ♥ Jessica

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Oh thank you, Jessica!

  • http://twitter.com/pixelbunnie Jessica

    Oooh you ARE a genius! I’ve been doing the same but with a Q-tip and it almost always smudges! This I have to try!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Let me know how it goes! :)

  • MakeupWithdrawal

    Ah! Amazing idea Arianne! 😀 Though have you tried the Precision Q-tips? They come to a really fine point, much better at fixing liner than the original round tip!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      I’ve tried them but I struggle with those, too! 😐

  • http://makeupmorsels.wordpress.com Makeup Morsels

    ahahaha lovin the intensity Geekz! I agree about q-tips! Dunno how anyone uses them to clean up winged liner, it just removes everything when I try.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      I was always baffled that people use them for clean up. It doesn’t work that well!

  • Toya

    Fabulous suggestion Arianne, god KNOWS I have recreated that exact scenario over and over again :S Smarty pants!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Hope you try it out, Toya! :)

  • http://cinnamonandsparkle.blogspot.co.uk/ Sylvie Helen

    Just discovered your blog and with this it’s love at first read – this is genius x

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Thank you Sylvie, so much!

  • http://vanityrouge.com/ VanityRouge

    You are so talented at liner! It is a necessary evil for me that I need to work on, haha! I have always used a Q-tip for removal but I agree it gets so messy! I will use an eyeliner brush from now on – thank you so much for the tip!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Practice makes perfect, almost. Bioderma gets you the rest of the way there. 😉

  • http://MyLuciteDreams.com/ MyLuciteDreams

    Haha, your so funny! Look at those cat-eyes girl! Perfection. I clean up a similar way but use the pointed cotton cutips- love! The angles brush is uber precise though. xx

  • http://twitter.com/Icarias1 Icaria

    Love it! I’ve been doing the same but with concealer. This is nice since my technique sometimes can be a bit messy. :)

  • BooBooNinja

    Great idea!

  • missmarisol

    My cat eye is forever FML. I try the q-tip & it’s a big ole mess. Going to try this method for sure. Fantastic post girl!

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Not forever FML. You can fix it, Marisol!

  • http://www.unprofessionalbeautyblog.com/ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    Great post. I have never thought to actually use a brush. I always just use Q-tips, and they are so hard to use.

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      Thank you! Have you tried the brush method?

  • Coopers Closet

    Great tip! I can never get the wing right, I will try this next time :)

    • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

      One side is always more difficult than the other. I hope you’ve been practising your liner flick. 😀

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