Get a Good Night’s Beauty Sleep with My Bedtime Skincare Regimen.

Goodnight Beauty Sleep 1

I believe that a great night’s beauty sleep is essential to good health. So, I have adjusted my bedtime ritual, getting to bed at 10:45 PM to be asleep by 11:00. My bedtime beauty regimen can get pretty lengthy, but these days I’ve narrowed it down to these essential products so that Mr. Geeks can stop complaining that my bedtime routine is too long. 😉

Goodnight Beauty Sleep 3
Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream / SkinCeuticals Emollience

Rich and hydrating skincare is important, of course. I like my nighttime skincare deeply hydrating and soothing, and these two products fit the bill.

SkinCeuticals Emollience* ($68 for 60 ml, availability listed at is a luxurious, gentle and effective night cream formula. My skin has become a bit sensitive from winter dryness, and this soothes my skin wonderfully. What’s in it, you ask? Brazilian sea algae nourishes, while natural oils — grape seed, rose hip and macadamia — lock in moisture. You know I love my oils (especially rose hip), and my skin just loves this cream. Sadness will be the day that I run out.

Biotherm has extracted ingredients from the sea and brought them to Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream* ($55 for 15 ml, available in April 2013). The main ingredients — AFA, Laminaria ochroleuca and pure thermal plankton extracts — promise to restructure, strengthen and soothe the eye zone. Biotherm extends the very definition of the eye zone; it targets:

  • Wrinkles: the crow’s feet, vertical lion’s wrinkle between the eyebrows, fine lines around the eye contour,
  • Darkness: areas of pigmentation under the eyes and the upper cheeks,
  • Lack of Firmness: the upper and lower eyelids area with under eye bags.

Biotherm Eye Cream Application
Instructions for application of Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream

Now, that’s a lot of promises. I’ll tell you my skin concern: I have developed itchy eczema patches on my eyelids over the winter months. I need my eye cream to be gentle and effective at eliminating this problem area. I found that a tiny amount of Biotherm Blue Therapy Eye Cream melted into my skin immediately and smoothed out the surface. I tried this during the day before makeup, but found it too creamy for that purpose; my eye makeup was creasing more than normal. For night time however, it is perfect. I notice that my fine lines have been smoothed out; flaking and irritation have disappeared. That to me, makes this a winner.

Goodnight Beauty Sleep 2
NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Balm / Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate

I didn’t love NUXE Rêve de Miel® Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm ($17 for 15 ml, at Murale, Shoppers Drugmart, The Bay) on my first try. I found it thick and gritty. But this is my lip saver this winter. When I have dry chapped lips, I put this thick yellow lip balm on before bed and wake up with smooth supple lips. This is an overnight miracle worker. Love.

Lastly, a little bit of aromatherapy with Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate ($22 for 7 ml at Aveda). I bought this one on a whim on an especially stressful week at work. The aroma of French lavender, lavandin and clary sage instantly calms me down. I roll it on my pulse points and right under my nose and take a niiiice, deeeeep, breath. Ahhhhhh, heaven.

What about you: what is your bedtime regimen?

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  • I agree with you on the Nuxe lip balm… it was so different than I was expecting (I’d gotten used to silky, oily-feeling balms) and I almost thought it might be kind of drying at first. But the effects speak for themselves…it is really really magically moisture-restoring. I got it after Sunny at Mostly Sunny mentioned it was her favorite 🙂

    • Hi Catherine! Thanks for chiming in. 🙂 I know a lot of people love the NUXE lip balm. Actually, I like everything I’ve tried from the brand. Have you tried other products by them? The Prodigieuse line smells HEAVENLY.

      • I haven’t, but I’d like to! What are some of your favorites from that line?

  • Marianitamc

    Does the SkinCeuticals Emollience cream have a scent?? if so, what is it like??
    very nice post

    • Hi Mariana! It’s a green scent. Probably from the algae. But very light and luxurious like it’s straight from an all-natural spa.

  • Sugarenia

    I usually remove my makeup, then apply Clinique’s dark spot correction serum and eye cream (these days, it’s the avocado cream by Kiehl’s but I don’t really love it). Then it’s the Nuxe lip balm, which, as you say, I didn’t like at first. It was so different than my beloved Korres lip butters! So gritty and didn’t sink in my lips at all. I think something happened lately though and I find it easier to apply and quite effective too, maybe it’s the warmer weather? Liking it a lot now.

    • Oh yes I bet it’s great in warm weather. It didn’t work when my lips were in really good shape. Weird, huh? Maybe it’s meant to actually repair, not keep supple lips supple. LOL

  • Now that chart is interesting, I wonder if it really makes a difference! It’s great to hear that this works for you. As for the Nuxe lipbalm, it’s really thick idd, but that’s what I love about it. It’s maybe not the best thing to wear when you’re out and about but for night it’s great! And the aromatherapy oil sounds great! I really need this too! I don’t really have a bedtime regimen atm, it’s been so busy that it’s just getting my face clean, brush my teeth and fall asleep, lol! ^^

    • LOL what is your go-to cleanser Teri?

  • I’m halfway through my second pot of the NUXE balm and it’s still working miracles every night! I also slather a hand cream on before bedtime (for the moment it’s Aesop Reverence). With the state of my hands I really truly need it 🙂

  • Procrast1nato2

    I’m currently switching between the Nuxe lipbalm and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream (it’s less gritty than Nuxe). PS Thanks for that eye cream chart, I’m going to try it!

  • Ahhh another mention of the Nuxe balm!!! Reve de Miel, you WILL be mine…

  • Wow, I love it all. I want to try the SkinCeuticals.

  • When I hear about sea algae I’m intrigued. All of these sound wonderful, I’m a bit of a lip balm edict and have the Nuxe balm on my list. I also use Lavender every night for bed, it’s a life saver!

    • I’ve used a pure (I think it was pure.. but definitely concentrated at least!) algae serum before and it really is super hydrating. I’m a believer. 🙂

  • I’ve been considering getting the Nuxe lip balm for the past couple months. When I run out of my current product (Burt’s Bees!), I’m so picking this up!!

  • the first two sound really intriguing. I am terrible at having a night time routine. I don’t really wear makeup regularly so I don’t usually feel the need to wash my face (even though I should I know). I have been testing out the new Yves Rocher line and my eye puffiness is GREATly improved. And when I do the day & night creme I really notice how soft my skin is!

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