IMATS Toronto 2011: Eras Interpreted with MAC Senior Artist Melissa Gibson.

One of the seminars I absolutely had to go to this year was presented by MAC Senior Artist Melissa Gibson.  I had the opportunity to attend one of MAC’s Master classes before (usually only available to professionals) and it is an invaluable resource for picking up new tips and tricks.

Source: Simeon Muller for Make-up Artist Magazine Facebook Page 

Melissa Gibson chose to tackle two eras: the flapper makeup from the 1920s and Twiggy’s iconic makeup of the 1960s.  I’ve always been fascinated with makeup trends of different times so everything Melissa presented was so awesome and I instantly turned into a fan girl. LOL! 🙂

Makeup Trends of the 1920s and 1960s

The ’20s Flapper Girl

The flapper girl penciled in her brows to be dark and thin, and arching very low on the outer corners.  She wore dark smokey eyes with emphasis on the inner corners.  Red lips were in style as well, and were worn with crisp lines and a rounded pout.

1920s Flapper Girl as interpreted by MAC’s Melissa Gibson

The look was started by applying Fluidline in Blacktrack all over the eyes, with emphasis on the inner crease, using a 217 brush.  Once you get the desired shape, add a silver eyeshadow just below the crease to add dimension.  Add eyeshadow in Carbon to the inner corner to carve out the eye shape some more.  You want the smokey eye to droop on the outer corner as well, following the shape of the brows.  Line the upper and lower waterlines.  Because the flapper girl probably partied all night long, her smokey eye has a lived in feel to it, so Melissa added a dab of gloss to make it crease.

In order to get crisp red lips, conceal the edges first before lining the lips.  Fill the lips in with red lipstick and gloss.

1920s Flapper Girl as interpreted by MAC’s Melissa Gibson

The ’60s Twiggy

Twiggy was all about the bold bottom lashes (a look that’s been modernized as featured on Beauty Geeks) and the sharp line across the eye crease.  Oh, and I can’t forget to mention: freckle love. <3

1960s Twiggy as interpreted by MAC’s Melissa Gibson

Start with Fluidline in Dipdown to sketch out the crease shape, then go back with eyeshadow in Omega to diffuse the line a bit.  Add a soft highlight on the lids and brows with eyeshadows in Orb and Vapour.  Still using Dipdown, take a thin liner brush like the 210 to draw on fake eyelashes along the lower lash line.  Then, line the top lash line with Dipdown.  Glob on (technical term) mascara for a clumpy lash look for top and bottom lashes.

For the face, add freckles all over the cheeks and nose with Eye Brows in Lingering.  Add a pink blush and pink lips, et voila!  You’re done!

1960s Twiggy as interpreted by MAC’s Melissa Gibson


What I love most about IMATS is the sudden rush of inspiration I feel when I step into the exhibition hall.  I can’t really explain it; you have to be there to know what I’m talking about.  This year was no different.  Although there were a lot of pushing and shoving in the crowded hall during the first day, I instantly forgot about it when I listened to one of the guest speakers.  It was such an amazing experience for makeup artists and junkies alike.  Thank you Make-up Artist Magazine for another great show.

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  • AMAZING! I don’t know why, but I didn’t sit in on any seminars. Probably because I was alone and didn’t want to spend too much time there :p.

    I definitely wish IMATS Vancouver offered more brands, it sounded like you guys had amazing brands to choose from!

  • Danielle

    I am looooving the flapper look. Although, Twiggy is so iconic I can’t help but love that look too!

  • lovely post! I went as well, and I actually missed out on the presentations! LOL