Geek Chic: A Look for Ladies Who Wear Glasses.

Here is a really simple look that I wanted to do because I recently got a brand new pair of frames.  I find that I can get away with wearing more eye makeup when I’m wearing glasses.  I have smallish eyes to begin with and I think my eyes get lost behind my glasses if I’m not wearing any eye makeup.  In this look I emphasize the top lash and leave the bottom quite bare to brighten the eyes.

Swatches (from left): MAC Carbon, MAC Smoke ‘n Diamonds (LE), MAC Coquette, GOSH Bananas

Get the Look

For the eyes, thickly line the top lash line with a creamy black pencil eyeliner (Annabelle Ohmygoth!) and smudge up slightly.  Go over the eyeliner with a matte black (MAC Carbon).  Place a shimmery gray taupe (MAC Smoke ‘n Diamonds) all over the lid  and blend into the black.  Smudge more black into the lower lash line and blend into the grey. Place a medium matte taupe (MAC Coquette) into the crease, and the outer half of the lower lash line. Add light by lining the inner half of the lower lash line with a light gold (GOSH Bananas). Add lots of black mascara (Marcelle Power Volume Mascara) to the top lashes only.

For the cheeks, keep it simple with a pinky brown blush on the apples (NARS Douceur).

For the lips, finish off with a quick swipe of a neutral pink lipstick (Chanel Mademoiselle).

Read on for more pictures!

More Pictures!

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  • marisol

    Wow great FOTD and I am really loving your bangs.

    • Arianne

      Thanks Marisol! :)

  • Janella

    you are gorgeous!

    • Arianne

      Thank you. :)

  • makeup morsels

    your glasses are supercute! Love the gold liner in your FOTD

    • Arianne

      The gold liner is really pretty, and is one of my faves! :)

  • M.A.C.nunu

    Ohhhhh!!! this is so so so pretty! gah I tend to have the same problem, I look like I have no eyes when I wear my glasses!
    I’m gonna wake up extra early tomorrow so I can try out this look!

    • Arianne

      Yay! Let me know how you do. :)

  • http://Website Jayme

    I love this look, i usually shy away from smokey eyes with my glasses but now i am tempted to try it.

    Also, a minor note, i am not a huge fan of the title, since i have been called four eyes as an insult before

    • Arianne

      Try it out — I think you’ll be surprised. :)

      Sorry about that. It was supposed to be cheeky, but because it could be insulting (to others too!) I have changed the title.

  • http://Website Jayme

    I am planning on it, though i am thinking i may wait till the weekend cause i dont know how well it will go over at school.

    And thank you :)

  • Sugarenia

    Aw, not fair, why does Chanel Mademoiselle look so gorgeously pink on other girls and not on me? It looks very warm (almost peachy) on me for some reason. Gah!

    Beautiful smoky eye btw, I do a similar thing as my go-to eye makeup.

    • Arianne

      Aww! I’ve seen it go peachy on other girls too. It’s still pretty though, don’t you think? :)

      • Sugarenia

        It is! It’s definitely one of my most high class lipsticks. Maybe it’s because of my undertones, since I’m cooler than you are.

        You’re totally rocking the geek chick look anyway, grats :)

  • ace

    beautiful!! and love the glasses, as wel XD

    • Arianne

      Thanks! I adore these glasses. :) Very Clark Kent lol.

  • gio

    You look beautiful! The gold eyeliner is very pretty!

    • Arianne

      It’s a really pretty one. Do you get GOSH where you are?

  • SilhouetteScreams

    Love the gold lower lashline :3

    • Arianne

      Thanks! :) Looks like the gold eyeliner is a hit.