Glitter Geek’s Top 10 Products of Summer 2010.

10. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Concealer #350.

When the weather is hot, my cream concealer just won’t do because of caking issues. Instead I have been using this great click pen liquid concealer by MAKE UP FOR EVER, and I really like this one. It takes care of dark circles without the need for setting powder. It dries completely without any stickiness, so it is excellent for minimal makeup summer days when I just don’t want to fuss with too many products.

9. Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge.

Sonia Kashuk is my #1 reason why I am annoyed that Target is still not in Canada.  The Sonia Kashuk blending sponge is an essential tool in my makeup bag for perfecting the skin on my face and under eye area.  Used wet with my MAC Fix+ Rose, about 10 swipes of my tinted moisturizer or foundation all over my face and I’m done.  Flip it over to the pointed side and blend out under eye concealer in a jiff.  It is really that easy.

8. MAC Eyeshadow in Arena.

Many a summer day my eye makeup was very minimal.  Some days eyeliner was not even used.  When I felt like putting on a “me but better” face, 9 times out of 10 I wore MAC Arena.  This shade is so versatile on my skin tone (about NC35 – NC37) because I can use it as a light lid colour or as a highlight.  If I am really pressed for time, I just highlight my eyes’ inner corners and brow bone and I instantly look more awake. 🙂

7. MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam V.

Here I am again, telling the world about my undying love for MAC Viva Glam V lipstick.  Seriously, if I were to have a BFF in lipstick form, Viva Glam V would be it.  The shimmery mauve is oh so easy to wear, and the Lustre finish makes it more comfortable to wear than other MAC formulas.  Oh, and did you know proceeds from all Viva Glam products go towards MAC AIDS fund to support those living with HIV and AIDS?  Now I won’t feel so bad getting backups of this amazing lipstick.

6. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free in Almond.

On days when I want to even out my skin tone more than usual, I reach for this instead of my usual foundation.  Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizers are well-known in the beauty universe, and rightly so.  This one provides a heavier coverage than your regular tinted moisturizers, so it covers your minor imperfections while still letting your skin show through.  I find the oil free formula is great for oily skin like mine and it has never broken me out.  This was a great buy!

5. MAC Hipness Blush.

This has become my default blush. The almost-matte coral is incredibly flattering on any complexion. It’s not the most pigmented blush I have, but it can be built up to a super intense colour when layered.  The nice thing about Hipness is that it works with a warm look as well as cool colours.  So if someone were to ask me which one blush I would take with me on a deserted island — obviously this someone is not in their right mind! 😛 — I would definitely pick my Hipness blush.  Because we’re tight like that.

4. Dior Addict Shine Eau de Toilette.

This is the latest addition (I almost typed addiction, ha!) to my small perfume collection.  I like to switch to a lighter scent in the summer months and this is what I’ve been wearing this scent all summer long.  I’m not fluent in perfume-speak, but it smells like a fresh floral on me.  It starts off more citrusy, but as it wears through the day, it begins to smell like a fresh field of flowers.  It is always a nice surprise whenever I catch a whiff of this scent.  It is summer in a bottle. 🙂

3. Annabelle Zebra Bronzing Powder in Haute Gold.

What a great bronzer and a great price!  Everyone I know who has used this — fair and tan — shares my love for this bronzer.  Fact: I totally cracked up when some Glitter Geek readers were fooled into thinking I wasn’t wearing bronzer in my original review. 😉  I looked like I had naturally glowing skin like I’m not wearing any makeup. That is all.

2. Pure + simple All Natural SPF 30 for Oily/Impure Skin.

I don’t know why I haven’t yet posted a review on this, but it has seriously saved my face from those horrible itchy patches I got last summer.  It’s a physical sunscreen, which means that I look like a powder-face geisha after I put it on, but it works.  On most days I just wear my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (Medium Dark) over it and everything looks as it should.  Non-greasy and doesn’t smell revolting.  It can be found at Pure + simple spas in the Greater Toronto Area or online.

1. Cover FX ClearPrep FX Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Acne Treatment Gel.

My favourite primer continues to save my face from turning into a greaseball every day I wear it.  It is pricy, but if you have oily skin and think there is nothing out there that’ll help you, you should really give this ClearPrep FX a try.  And normal to dry skinned beauties, be not afraid! I didn’t find ClearPrep FX to be drying, either.  I tell everyone about it, so tell your friends! 🙂

Now That I’ve Shared Mine, What Are Your Go-To Products This Summer?

Disclosure: The bronzer was sent to me for review, and I bought everything else. Wow, that’s a lot of new products! 😉

  • I’ve been loving my Everyday Minerals base – covers up all the red acne bumps, yet doesn’t aggrevate my skin or make me break out more…

    Also – LOVED DCP sunscreen recommended by my facialist – wore it everyday for 2 weeks on summer holiday – and never felt itchy or got little bumps (I react to a lot of chemical AND physical sunscreens – but not this!). And it is SPF50 – so I felt super-protected!

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  • Great post Arianna. I love so many of ur faves. My no.1 summer product is Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF45. I burn really bad in the sun so I don’t leave the house without this. I also used and over used my Nars Laguna bronzer and Niagara l/s this summer 😀

    • Thanks! 🙂 I like Neutrogena sunblock too!

      I’ve tried Niagara lipstick at Sephora before and it is really pretty! 🙂

  • Great post… the Anabelle powder looks great.

    • Thanks. It’s really quite something. 🙂

  • dude I just saw your lust list… wow. nothing? really?

    mmm this summer my go-to products have been:

    Lancome Bienfait Multivital Sunscreen (been my HG for a while, but I hate that it’s so expensive)
    Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: dirt cheap and super effective
    Maybelline Chai Latte Quad and Estee Lauder Doublewear Shadowcreme in Antique Gold: I alternated between these all summer, kept the makeup basic this year
    Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus: my recently discovered mascara love
    Shiseido Therapind Lipbalm: also a longtime HG, I always have a tube of this with me

    I could go on, but I think my list is already looking longer than everyone else’s lol

    • I know. I feel so uninspired! Or maybe I have too many good products right now. Actually I want a Chanel Rouge Coco. So that’s one thing. 😛

      I will try the Rimmel Matte Powder once my MAC MSF Natural is completely done. I’ve already hit half a pan, so it’ll be soon! 🙂 Going to check your review of the mascara now!

      • lolol Colour TBD? I think that means all of them! Every time I walk past the Chanel counter I’m tempted to stop and swatch, but I always make myself keep walking because I’m scared that if I stop, I’ll have to get something.
        I actually hit pan on my Rimmel powder which is a mark of my undying love. I’ve never hit pan on a face product before (not counting sunscreen because I burn through that like a crazy woman. It’s unfortunate because the sunscreen I use is nowhere near cheap)

        • LOL a friend is taking me to the counter, okay? I’ve never swatched them (okay maybe one or two) but never saw them on my own lips. 😛

          Yay for hitting pan! 😀

  • I always mean to pick up Viva Glam V since I’m convinced it’s my perfect MLBB shade, but I never do! I always get sidetracked by other obnoxiously bright shades 😛

    Great picks!

    • This is your chance! Get it now! 😛

  • I love your roundups. I just put the following on my list to buy:

    MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Concealer
    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free in Almond
    Pure + simple All Natural SPF 30 for Oily/Impure Skin
    Cover FX ClearPrep FX Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Acne Treatment Gel

    Phew! But I need to use up some more of my makeup before I invest in these items. I don’t really need more than one of each (concealer, primer, etc)

    I HEARTILY second Annabelle’s Zebra Bronzer. It is seriously awesome.

    • Glad you liked! 🙂

      The MUFE concealer I would say is about medium coverage… not as good as TimeBalm in opacity but very convenient.

      I highly recommend the sunscreen especially for you because it’s all natural. No usual junk that I don’t mind putting on my face LOL.

      Yeah the bronzer is just pure awesomeness, eh?

  • ace

    my must haves would probably be
    the 24/7 liners,
    benefit’s she laq,
    stila’s convertible color,
    smiths rosebud salve and
    benefits take a picture… it lasts longer!! 🙂

    • Benefit She Laq caught my attention a while back, but I always seem to forget about it. “Take a picture… it lasts longer!” just sounds divine! 🙂

      • ace

        its great actually, athough it doesnt always work on lips or mascara… but it COMPLETELY waterproofs eyeshadow and liner!! 🙂 and take a picture… it lasts longer is BEAUTIFUL… it works best on medium skintones, i think: when i dont have a tan its a little hard to see… but you know, this IS a *summer* must haves list!! 🙂

        • That’s it, I’m convinced I need to see take a picture! 🙂

          • ace

            🙂 its great!! but if yo have bathina body so fine, you dont really need both… they are slightly similar… but hey i bought both anyway… 🙂

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