A Tale of Two Annabelle Smudgeliners.

I have read only amazing things about Annabelle Smudgeliners ($8.95), and so I was really excited when these came in the mail.

Smudgeliners are waterproof pencils that come with a smudging sponge on the opposite end. These are not automatic pencils; they are enclosed in a plastic casing that you sharpen with a regular eyeliner sharpener. The ends have caps to protect both the pencil and the smudger from getting damaged.

Oh and how do we like this background? It’s in boyfriend’s apartment’s backyard. 🙂

I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to read first?

Good news? I thought so.

Good News: Ohmygoth! This is Totally Like, a Great Eyeliner.

Ohmygoth! is a basic, creamy black. It is a rich, dark black. You won’t hear any complaints about the colour from me. It is pretty much everything that I was expecting about Smudgeliners. It wore well throughout my day; it didn’t slide or fade on my lash lines.

Because it is waterproof, I was brave enough to wear this on my waterline. And what do you know? Besides smudging off on the outer corners of my eyes — a.k.a. a makeup slip and slide party — it stayed put on the rest of my waterline. Incredible staying power. This glides on pretty easily just like Urban Decay 24/7 liners, so it gets extra brownie points for that. Great black eyeliner, great price. Rating: A.

Bad News: That was the Calm Before the Purple Storm.

Is there such a thing as being less waterproof? Because that’s what Purple Storm feels like to me. First of all, the colour payoff is just not there. The deep burgundy on the pencil does not translate to rich swatches. It’s just meh. The pencil itself is not smooth like buttah; it tugs a bit when I apply to my lash line. Also, I found the formula to be very clumpy. It feels weird to say that about an eyeliner. I find that this one fades a lot, and because it starts out craptacular, I end up with barely anything at the end of the day. Not a fan of this at all. Rating: D.

And Of Course, Some Swatches!

Swatches, and How I feel about these eyeliners.

After running the swatches under a garden hose. I also ran my fingers back and forth after this — no budging. 🙂

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  • I have the Annabelle Oh My Goth and it is one of my favourite black eyeliners. I actually did a comparison post of all my black eyeliners and it came out the most pigmented. I’m disappointed that Purple Storm didn’t perform as well. I think your heart swatches were so cute!


    • Oooh really? I haven’t gotten the chance to do side by side swatches, but that is really good to know!

      LOL about the heart swatches. I guess I was feeling extra geeky today. 😛

  • i personally like the smoothliners better, but the colours are quite gorgeous, and thus I was able to get my hands on a bunch of them through another bloggers.
    the hearts were a great touch for the photos XD so cute!

    • Just did a quick check on Annabelle’s site for Smoothliners, and they sound really nice! I gotta check them out next time, thanks! 🙂

      LOL thanks! <3

  • I paild $10.99 for mine, what a rip off compared to your price. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for better prices next time.

    • That price was the suggested retail price (SRP) from AnnabelleCosmetics.com. Was it at Shoppers? I wouldn’t be surprised. Wal-mart probably sells it at the SRP.

      • Yeah it was a Shopper 🙁 Next time I wait until the waltmart.

        • Walmart has them at $7.66….if only I knew

  • I just bought Ohmygoth too and can’t wait to try it.

  • I also paid more than your listed price. I think shoppers put it at $12.49.

    • Wow that’s a huge difference! I didn’t even know. I’ll have to investigate Walmart and Loblaws prices for sure.

  • I love the Oh My Goth Smudgeliner! Great post – loved your honesty in the comparison. You, my dear, are too funny 🙂

    • Thanks Anjali! 🙂 Don’t wanna fool the readers into thinking that all the Smudgeliners perform the same.

      How’s your little vacay going?

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