My First MAC Mascara: MAC Studio Fix Lash.

Editor’s Note: I’ve updated this post with new side-by-side comparison pictures instead of the usual bare lashes / 1 coat / 2 coats, because I can’t photograph it fast enough before it starts drying up after 1 coat. Grr!

MAC Studio Fix Lash ($16.50) is one of MAC’s newest mascaras. When I first got this mascara, I felt that it was nothing to write home about. After sticking with it for several weeks, I found that I liked it more and more. To find out why, then read on!

If You Want These in a Mascara, You’re in Luck.

  1. Super Lengthening. The best thing about this mascara is how well it lengthened my lashes. The first week I wore it, I received this comment from BF: “Are you wearing mascara? Your lashes look really long. I thought you were wearing fake lashes.” My BF is so clueless about makeup, but every now and then he pulls out a gem like that and I kinda wish it happens all. the. time. But I digress.
  2. Perfect Definition. Besides the length, the wand separates and defines lashes very well, so rarely does the mascara ever clump. But work quickly if you like multiple layers.
  3. No crunchy lashes. I hate crunchy lashes and I’m happy to report that this keeps mine soft.
  4. Excellent staying power. This non-waterproof mascara keeps working its magic through a sweaty hour long cardio kickbox class. And I am one sweaty girl! 😛 No smudges, no flakes.
  5. Easy to remove. This part baffles the heck out of me because the mascara stays on forever. This is the only mascara that washes off completely when I use my Purity Made Simple.
  6. Pigment. It’s black! It’s shiny! It’s beautiful! 🙂

I’m Sad to Speak of Its Shortcomings. 🙁

  1. Where’s the Curl? Curling mascaras are huge in my books, and unfortunately this isn’t one. It uncurls my lashes a little, and that’s the main reason why I didn’t like it initially. I found that I’d I curled my lashes up to my brow — LOL ‘kay, more like ’til they touch my lids — the resulting curl is almost acceptable.
  2. Too Natural Volume. Studio Fix Lash doesn’t deliver a false lash like volume. What can I say, I really like a lot of volume. This gives a work week appropriate volume.
  3. Hmm… Something Smells Funny. As this was my first MAC mascara I don’t know if all their mascaras smell like this. But it does have an apparent synthetic smell and I don’t like it. By the way, who else here sniffs their tube of mascara? 😉

Photo Evidence

Side by side picture to show the length! 🙂 (Bare vs. 2 coats)
(click to enlarge)

This one shows that because of the small uncurling of the lashes, it doesn’t look that long when you’re looking straight on. (Bare vs. 2 coats)
(click to enlarge)

The Low Down

All in all, I have to say that I like this mascara because of the length and separation it delivers. I find myself reaching for this when I’m going to work. If you have naturally curled and voluminous lashes (I hate you!) then you’ll probably strike gold with this one. I haven’t tried so myself, but if you really want a false lash effect I think this would be excellent layered over a volumizing mascara. Rating: B+.

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  • Thanks for the comparison pictures. I am currently using this mascara and really like it. I use it along with the Shiseido Mascara Base and I find that the combo works well for me. I wear contact lenses and have really sensitive eyes and it doesn’t irritate or flake.

    • Oh thanks for the suggestion. I’m not a big fan of mascara bases. I’m simply too lazy to even combine mascaras for a bigger lash look. 😛 Maybe it’ll change sometime in the future.

  • Great comparison shots! It looks really pretty and not clumpy at all.

    And this is going to sound REALLY creepy, but your bare lashes look so pretty and…..soft? LOL I said it was going to be a creepy comment 😛

    • Haha it’s cool I’ve had my share of creepy people 😛 just get your hands away from my lashes!


  • I can only ever bring myself to spend $6 on mascara. I should probably try something fancier for a better hold for my thin Asian lashes. Thanks for the review!

    • You know what? In my opinion mascara is one of those things that you don’t have to splurge on to get good results. My favourite mascaras have always been from the drugstore.

      Do you use waterproof mascara at all? I like the CoverGirl Lashblast waterproof. It really gives the best hold. 🙂

  • heheh I confess to sniffing my mascara tubes too! I like how this looks very natural, yet you can definitely see the effect. too bad about the curl

    • The lack of curl still bothers me. 🙁 But perhaps I can layer it over something waterproof that’s not so lengthening.

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