Seaweed Wonders to Beautiful Hair, Skin, and Nails

You might be surprised when you read seaweed, but yes, it is true. These sea plants can work wonders for your hair, skin, and nails. We will not be talking about seaweed as skincare products. Rather, we’ll talk seaweed that you eat. Here are different seaweed to eat for health and beauty:


This king of seaweeds has way more calcium content than milk. Hijiki is what gives lustrous and bouncy hair to Japanese women. In the supermarket, you can buy this in a dehydrated form. To eat it, you need to soak it first then cook with a dash of soy sauce and some vegetables.


This seaweed is the main star of miso soup. When you add a little amount of wakame in the soup, it will not only make it more nourishing but also tastier. Because it is yummy and mild, wakame is ideal for maintaining a healthy female reproductive system.


Kelp is a staple as condiments and in bean dishes because of its iodine content. The glutamates from Kelp help make the beans softer and easier to digest. You can get this with sesame seeds in a shaker and sprinkle over rice.

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