An Inspiring Story of a Body Scrub Brand

Jael Torrez is an activist and the woman behind Blissfulicious, a body scrub brand. She did not come up with this business out of nowhere. Her sugar scrubs are inspired by her personal experiences. She was tested positive for the BRCA1 gene last year.

Nevertheless, this did not stop her from creating effective, safe, and affordable beauty products that are for a cause. These products are amazing because of the vitamin E and coconut oil content. Therefore, their moisturizer is like no other.

One of her inspirations for her products is her 10-year-old daughter. She wanted to create something chemical-free and safe for people to use at any age. After launching, she realized that many women want to use all-natural products as opposed to skincare products that may have harmful ingredients sold in the market.

Blissfulicious has more than 10 fragrant, natural, and safe scrubs. Some of these is lavender which is great if you want to have a DIY spa or cake scent which is great as a birthday gift. The brand also has scrubs made specially for men.

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