Are Sheet Masks Effective or Just Trendy?

Originating from South Korea, it is not surprising that more people have used sheet masks than before. Many beauticians in Korea have used beauty masks to lock in all the moisture and ingredients from the product to your skin to better absorb them. Nevertheless, are these masks effective or hyped up?
Because of the value point, ease of use, and quality, masks from Korea have gotten the attention of many people. There are a lot of different kinds of masks in the market, so it is crucial to know what particular ingredients your skin needs.
For instance, if you need more moisture on your face, you can look for masks that have …

Ways to Purchase Skincare Products and Save the Oceans

There are many ways to get the skin you want and contribute to the wellness of our environment at the same time. Although doing these may look simple, it can make a lot of difference. If it contributes to saving the oceans, there can be a significant impact.
Not Using Single-Use Plastics
It is a known fact that plastic is one of, if not the, worst problem plaguing our oceans. Therefore, if you want to take part in making the sea safer, cleaner, and clearer, you can choose products that do not use single-use plastic for their packages. There are a lot of other eco-friendly packaging options out there.
Going Vegan…

Factors in Choosing a Fitness Spa

Many fitness spas combine the functions of gyms and spas. You will see a lot of these in various areas. Therefore, it is important to know the key considerations in choosing one. Here are some of them:
When picking out a fitness spa, one of the important things to look for is its operating hours. This is more, important especially if you are working since you need to know if you will be able to maximize your membership if you need to. Some fitness spas operate from early morning to midnight or for 24 hours. Nevertheless, these operating hours might not cater to all the spa services available.
Services and …

Seaweed Wonders to Beautiful Hair, Skin, and Nails

You might be surprised when you read seaweed, but yes, it is true. These sea plants can work wonders for your hair, skin, and nails. We will not be talking about seaweed as skincare products. Rather, we’ll talk seaweed that you eat. Here are different seaweed to eat for health and beauty:
This king of seaweeds has way more calcium content than milk. Hijiki is what gives lustrous and bouncy hair to Japanese women. In the supermarket, you can buy this in a dehydrated form. To eat it, you need to soak it first then cook with a dash of soy sauce and some vegetables.
This seaweed is the main star …