There is a growing trend of make-up being seen as an accessory to an outfit like custom hoodies. Make-up can enhance beauty by combining it with different outfits such as blouses from custom t-shirts to jeans. Below are 14 of the ways one can match make-up and an outfit;

Match the color

The best way to bring out the better of the two combinations is by looking at them from a sheen perspective. If the outfit seems neutral, the face should not be glowing, but the face should be shimmery to compliment the outfit if it’s shiny.

Avoid matching color

Matching make-up color and an outfit precisely usually doesn’t go hand in hand. The process makes the outfit seem too distracting to people and less attractive.

Go the complementary way.

One may decide to choose the make-up colors that complement the outfit colors. For example, one may wear a blue outfit with a warm golden-eye shade.

Make an item a focal point.

Choose one area of the outfit that will be eye-catching. Make it pop off-color to be visible and attractive while other regions remain neutral.

Either make-up or outfit to lead

If the cloth will lean on the neutral side, apply bright red lipstick on the lips or eyes with shiny color. If the dress is more radiant, make a face neutral to complement it.

Pay attention to the eyes.

To complement the right outfit, one should try a beautiful tone of purple or emerald. Sapphire can also be used as a complement to the outfit.

The blush

Blush can inject some color in an outfit. A pink dress is highly recommended to complement a light brown blush, which would make it look outstanding.

Use one color, Palette.

One should not mix colors as it may go wrong. When a pink dress, one should use a light hand when applying blush or lipstick of similar shades to compliment the pink dress.

Spread your shades

Shades should be spread evenly by distributing the colors. One should choose a particular accessory like a handbag to have a coordinated look.

Go black

The color black has never gone of style. A black eye-shadow will go well with a classic wig, a colorful dress, and some sequined outfits to grab attention.

Go gold

Gold eye-shadows complement everything, especially the eye colors. An eye primer can be used to apply extra pigmentation. A golden dress and handbag can go well with golden eyelashes.

Try a mismatch

A mismatch of an outfit can be a perfect complement. A green blouse from custom-sized t-shirts and green eye-shadows can complement each other perfectly, making one look as if they are attending a Formula One race.

Observe color theory

This process is crucial in knowing what colors to blend with when matching an outfit and make-up. Yellow goes with pink, red with green, blue with orange and so on. By knowing the process, matching becomes easier.

Be aware of what to work with

Knowing what outfit to match and make-up is pretty hard. When one is poor at it, it’s good to ensure that one opts for some neutral colors while knowing what one is working with to avoid confusion.


By knowing all the above techniques, one can be guaranteed that the best results can be achieved. When one is aware of it, there is no doubt that a lady will be beautiful despite any choice she makes.

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