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Thinking about cake

4 Steps to Flawless, Cake-free Complexion

I’m almost always thinking about cake. NOM. I love luuuuuuurve cake, but not when it comes to my base makeup. Personally, I like my foundation/concealer/powder to be undetectable on the skin, but cover imperfections like a champ. I’ve been using these … Read More

mk creme eye colors

Avoid Eye Makeupocalypse with Mary Kay Creme Eye Colors.

make•u•poc•a•lyp•tic |mākəˈpäkəliptik| adjective describing the complete destruction of a makeup look, usually due to a product that fails to deliver on its promises: yes, girlfriend, the amount of grease mixed in with your eye makeup has reached makeupocalyptic proportions. Fact: my … Read More

imats toronto 2010 haul 2

IMATS Toronto 2010: The Beauty Spree.

I have so many photos from IMATS that I have to break them up into three posts.  This first installation is my collective haul over the two days. 🙂 From FACE atelier: Ultra Foundation in #6 Honey (my shade), $36 … Read More