The Wishlist.

Because it’s fun, and a girl can dream. And, of course, Santa’s gotta know. 😉 MALM Dressing Table, $199.99. Because my current set up is seriously not knee-friendly. I need leg room. And the MALM! It is gorgeous! Second Clothing … Read More

My Current and Favourite Stash Organizer.

These drawer organizers are all from Dollarama. Left: Blushes and Bronzers. Round blushes fit fantastic, that it is tempting to buy more MAC to fill it up. Centre: Eyeshadow singles and quads (I spy a new NARS eyeshadow still in … Read More

The Holiday Smoky Browns Look.

Quick post, because I don’t feel like writing. Pictures! I don’t really do FOTDs because I’m too lazy, but if you guys like ’em then why not? Who likes FOTDs? Let me know in the comments. Why are my bangs … Read More

No Thanks: Makeup Products I Will Not Use.

I consider myself pretty adventurous when it comes to trying out products, but one type of makeup I hate to use is… …loose mineral makeup. And it seems like I’m a minority here. I just don’t understand the hype. The … Read More

For the Lazy Ladies: A Makeup Wipes Face-Off.

When I was deciding on which IMATS product to review first, whatever it is, it really needs to stand out from the rest. Well ladies, Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths are it. I’ve been known to take 30-minute-turned-into-4-hour-long naps at the … Read More