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Shopping Sephora Cover

Sephora Stream of Consciousness

Okay. Here we are. Need skincare. Haha yeah right. Need, want. Tomato, tomahto. Ooh the new Sephora Formula X collection sounds good. I need a good lilac. This looks good. Sephora Formula X in Outrageous Ooo! This one’s even better. … Read More

Scherbie vs squirrel 2

Friday Fun: Scroll.

TGIF!  Hope you have a great weekend!  I’m spending the afternoon at the pool, and Scherbie is… well, being Scherbie. Now… scroll. I’m going to get you.

i love - lit cosmetics glitter

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: I Love…

I love… … incredible student makeup at IMATS. So inspiring! … glitter and rainbows (Lit Cosmetics display at IMATS Toronto). … finding unique eyeshadow shades (Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Pagoda, $4 from the Fall collection). … jewel tones (YSL Palette in Nº … Read More

gryffindor eye 1

Gryffindor Inspired Look: Because I am a Geek.

If you didn’t understand my title, sorry, it was written in geek.  Gryffindor is a house in Hogwarts — the school where Harry Potter and friends do their fun and geeky wizardry.  Gryffindor’s colours are gold and scarlet, which makes … Read More