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coconut oil all the things

I Heart Coconut Oil

I came across this hilarious video about the many benefits and uses of coconut oil. It’s funny because it has become this holy grail of natural oils these days, and everyone is using it for everything. LOL! I, too, can’t help … Read More

Shopping Sephora Cover

Sephora Stream of Consciousness

Okay. Here we are. Need skincare. Haha yeah right. Need, want. Tomato, tomahto. Ooh the new Sephora Formula X collection sounds good. I need a good lilac. This looks good. Sephora Formula X in Outrageous Ooo! This one’s even better. … Read More

Scherbie vs squirrel 2

Friday Fun: Scroll.

TGIF!  Hope you have a great weekend!  I’m spending the afternoon at the pool, and Scherbie is… well, being Scherbie. 🙂 Now… scroll. I’m going to get you.

i love - lit cosmetics glitter

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: I Love…

I love… … incredible student makeup at IMATS. So inspiring! … glitter and rainbows (Lit Cosmetics display at IMATS Toronto). … finding unique eyeshadow shades (Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Pagoda, $4 from the Fall collection). … jewel tones (YSL Palette in Nº … Read More

gryffindor eye 1

Gryffindor Inspired Look: Because I am a Geek.

If you didn’t understand my title, sorry, it was written in geek.  Gryffindor is a house in Hogwarts — the school where Harry Potter and friends do their fun and geeky wizardry. 🙂  Gryffindor’s colours are gold and scarlet, which … Read More