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Scents for Sensitive Noses

It’s a bit sad for a new fragrance junkie to have an ultra-sensitive nose all of a sudden. For the past few months, I’ve had to go fragrance-free on most days, because my finicky nose was just not having it. … Read More

Sephora Stream of Consciousness

Okay. Here we are. Need skincare. Haha yeah right. Need, want. Tomato, tomahto. Ooh the new Sephora Formula X collection sounds good. I need a good lilac. This looks good. Sephora Formula X in Outrageous Ooo! This one’s even better. … Read More

What a Low-Buy Looks Like + Snowboarding.

I’ve been good at keeping myself from spending on beauty products this month. I’m just recovering from the Holiday bills, so I’m trying to keep the purchases to a minimum. Let’s see, shall we? Sassy Minerals Beauty Spree. All the … Read More

Taste the Rainbow.

I’m feeling particularly kooky today, so here are some liner swatches in rainbow form. It’s been pretty dreary in Toronto.  I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these sometime. (Click to enlarge, because duh, you can’t read that small font!  Or … Read More