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lipstick bandit face 3

Beware of the Lipstick Bandits.

I am a member of the Lipstick Bandits.  We obsess over lipstick, and convince you that yes, you do need another red lipstick because this one is a blue red, while that one is a tomato red.  Or this one … Read More

mermaid eyes lashes 1

Mermaid Colours with MAC Swimming Eyeshadow.

MAC eyeshadow in Swimming is my most recent acquisition, and it has quickly become a must-have.  I really think it’s a hidden gem in MAC’s permanent line.  It’s a gorgeous shimmery sea green that pairs perfectly with blues, teals, golds … Read More

gryffindor eye 1

Gryffindor Inspired Look: Because I am a Geek.

If you didn’t understand my title, sorry, it was written in geek.  Gryffindor is a house in Hogwarts — the school where Harry Potter and friends do their fun and geeky wizardry. 🙂  Gryffindor’s colours are gold and scarlet, which … Read More