My Sephora Custom Makeover Experience

I’ve always wanted to get a custom makeover done at Sephora. As a makeup artist, I always enjoy seeing my makeup done in another person’s eyes and techniques, whether good or bad. But hopefully good.

All of the makeup.

Hey, girl with the matching Sephora-striped shirt.

Some things to note about my experience.

  1. I liked that they start with a full skincare regimen (minus the water and face wash, but I did get an exfoliating makeup wipe). We’re talking toner spray, serum, eye cream, moisturizer.
  2. My skin looked flawless, and it took so much makeup to make it look like this. Yes, it felt like a lot of makeup.
  3. My skin, while totally photogenic, was a lot more Champagne Pop-py in person than I’d like.
  4. I’m wearing NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli, which is an amazing match for my skin. This foundation is seriously dreamy. Medium coverage and glowy. Yum.
  5. I didn’t give the makeup artist free rein on my face because I was going back to work on a Monday afternoon after my makeover. I didn’t wanna risk going back with a clown face if my makeover went really bad. I did ask for the glittery purple eyes though because I was feeling pretty sassy that day.
  6. It was the first time I had my under eye area “baked,” and while it helped to keep my concealer in tact, I found it to be aging. I don’t wanna look older than my age, so that’s a no for me.
  7. I loved my brows. I explained that I liked my brows naturally bushy with the sparse spots filled in, so she used a combo of Anastasia pencil and brow powder.

A little tip in case you’re looking to get your makeup done at Sephora in the future, let your makeup artist know if you’re in a rush. Normally, appointments are 45 minutes long, but they weren’t busy when I went and was there for a long time. My makeup artist was kind enough to ask me my preferences for foundation coverage, how I normally did my brows, colour match suggestions, etc. I didn’t walk away enabled or pressured to buy anything, which was nice, but I was hoping I’d fall in love with a product or two during my makeover. Maybe I’m just too picky these days? I don’t know.

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