Me & T Studio — Toronto, ON

I’m just going to put this out there: this chic studio is one of Toronto’s best kept beauty secrets. You have to go, stat.

I was invited to visit Me & T Studio for a girls’ night in alongside Rema and Rica. Shawna Rao (the owner, a.k.a. me*) and her team welcomed us with big smiles, and I instantly knew that we were in for a treat. On the agenda were mani/pedis, girl talk, sweets and bubbly, and heeeellz yea, you better believe we were excited.

* Side note: T represents the initials for Shawna’s many best friends. You know, just like how B had S in Gossip Girl. 🙂

The Me & T team- Liz, Shawna, Shirley & Dylan
The friendly faces of Me & T Studio / from left: Liz, Shawna (owner), Shirley, Dylan

Me & T Studio is located in the wealthy Forest Hill neighbourhood of Toronto, but don’t let that fool you. You’re among cool and genuine girlfriends (and boyfriend) there. Shawna’s aim is to have a friendly and inviting place where friends can kick back and feel right at home. And that was exactly what we did, and we walked away with stylish nails to boot!

Me & T Studio Pedicure Station and Sweets
Left: the crisp decor / right: the sinful treats that were consumed that night

Can we talk about the decor? The white, pink and grey interior is Shawna’s brainchild, and it is all too chic for words. Everything about this full service beauty studio isn’t just for looks, it is functional and hygienic as well. The pedicures are done in ceramic tubs, which can be sterilized completely unlike whirlpool foot baths. All foot files, nail files and buffers are never reused. The studio was sparkling clean and you can really tell that they take sanitization very seriously at Me & T.

Me & T Nail Racks
Nail options at Me & T Studio… what to pick?

For nails, the studio uses CND Vinylux (my favourite), Artistic, and Entity gel polish. There was such a huge selection that it’s so difficult to pick just one. I finally settled for CND Vinylux in Cityscape (a pale warm grey) for my toes and a custom Entity gel nail art for my manicure. Prepare to get your mind blown, guys.

Scherbie Cat Nails Work in Progress by Shirley Me & T
Shirley working on my Scherbie portrait nail

The thing is, the nail techs at Me & T are freaking good at nail art. Like, superstars good. Dylan specializes in geometric patterns and glitter (me too!), Liz can do pretty much anything, and Shirley was born to paint realistic portraits on your nails. So I asked Shirley to paint my two favourite felines, Scherbie (find her at #scherbatstagram) and Tardar Sauce a.k.a. Grumpy Cat. This is freehand art, youguise. So good. Come on, check out this handy work. *applause emoji*

Grumpy Cat Portrait Nails by Shirley Truong Me & T Studio
Scherbie and Grumpy Cat nail art by Shirley, Me & T Studio (eeeeeeee!)

All manicures and pedicures ($25 and $45 individually, or $60 for both) include a paraffin treatment as well as a scrub with one of the divine LoveFresh sugar scrubs. Nail art starts at $3. This was easily the best mani/pedi I’ve ever had, and I am definitely going back and taking a girlfriend or two with me.

You can also get lashes ($175/full set, $75/fill), a keratin hair treatment, or a spray tan ($12 to $55) with Shawna, which I cannot wait to try myself soon. There have been way too many gloomy summer days in Toronto and this girl is just not bronze enough. Need moar!

Tl;dr… Just love. I’d highly recommend Me & T Studio to everyone. I would like to hang out here at least once a month.

Me & T Studio is open Tuesdays to Saturdays. Check their website for specific times. Can’t get to the studio? No worries, Me & T can come to you. Just inquire about their mobile services. 🙂

Me & T Studio
1568 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON

(416) 901-5115

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  • This has got to be the coolest manicure I have ever seen!!! Wish I could visit the place and get my kitties painted on the nails 😉

    • OMG can you imagine? You can have all of the kitties on your nails, especially Tango the fatty!

  • ok those nails are super chic for a cat lady!!! and that nail salon rivals anything i’ve got around me – how clean and sparkly!

    • Hi Jenny Sue! I was really blown away. I’ve never been in a salon so beautiful and clean as Me & T.

  • I can’t do my own nails well either!

  • OMG I saw these on your Instagram and was freaking out over them. Grumpy Cat! I want Grumpy Cat nails stat. Maybe I need to move…

  • This is perfect! I’ve been looking for a great nail artist to fix me up for some shoots, I’ll have to try them! The teeny grumpy cat is perfection, I love these!