Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed? Here’s My Stress-Busting Skincare Routine.

Thanks to Mama and Papa Geeks for my good genes, I didn’t used to get any breakouts at all. But the stress of the past few months of wedding planning is showing on my skin. Don’t get me wrong: my skin is still in great shape because of my solid skincare regimen. But the two or three painful pimples that pop up more often than usual must. diiiieeeee. The following is my skincare army. Pay attention! 😛

sos skin oct 2013

Consonant Skincare DHE Mask * ($45 online and in stores). This is the answer, guys. Overnight miracle worker. DHE stands for detoxify, hydrate, exfoliate. Yesterday’s painful red pimples have dramatically improved today after putting on this mask for 30 tingly minutes last night. This 100% natural mask has the same ingredient as their divine serum HydrExtreme, Cassia Angustifolia, which delivers hydration to your skin like no other. The Manicouagan Clay clarifies the skin and AHA exfoliates to reveal smoother skin. I love it so much that I wish I could use it everyday. I’m already counting down to next week when I can use it again. Tick tock!

MIYU Beauty De-stress Mi Beauty Tea * ($16 online and in various retailers). A beauty tea? Really. It’s true. This peppermint, licorice and chamomile blossom blend is just what the doctor ordered on very hectic days. It instantly calms the mind and inflammation from within. It is subtly sweet, which I love so much that I sip on this even on not-so-stressful days. Because why not? 🙂

Pure + simple Deluxe Aquabrasion Treatment ($179) and Super Hydrating Facial ($99). The wonderful ladies at this heavenly spa knows that I am a huge fan of the treatments, so they generously offered a bridal treatment package leading up to my big day. My thoughts on the Aquabrasion and Super Hydrating Facial haven’t changed.  My previous glowing reviews here and here. Regular visits for these two treatments are your tickets to smooth poreless skin like buttah.

My fellow Canadians who want to delve into clean skincare, have you heard of the online store Clementine Fields? I’m kind of obsessed with everything they carry. I first put in an order during their Labour Day sale, and it’s been love ever since. A few notable things:

One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster ($48 at Clementine Fields). My latest brand crush is One Love Organics. I am truly smitten. I use Morning Glory morning and night to prep for the rest of my skincare. Three drops of this serum keep my summer glow going, despite windy and dry autumn days. The subtle minty/lemony scent perks me right up on sleepy mornings. Almost awake. Add a little caffeine and we’re talking!

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil * ($36 for 30 ml, $82 for 100 ml at Clementine Fields). I’ve used two other pure argan oils before, but I don’t love them as much as my Kahina argan oil. This is the most luxurious argan oil I’ve tried by far. This antioxidant-rich lightweight oil is perfect for all skin types. If you haven’t gone on board the face oils train yet, do it now! With this! I swear to everyone that putting oils on my face has balanced my then oily skin. 🙂 You need this!

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin E Active Moisture Eye Balm ($49 at Clementine Fields). Guys, stop me from buying the entire Elizabeth Dehn x OLO line. The products are clean but not in the crunchy granola way. They are luxurious! I have a little pot of this eye balm and it really helps to de-puff the under eye area. This one definitely warrants a full sized purchase.

Over to you!

What is your stress-fighting skin regimen like? Do you change how you eat/exercise, too? I’m sure that helps a lot!

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  • Ingrid Doucet

    Thanks so much for your kind words and we are so glad you are loving One Love Organics and Kahina Giving Beauty. They really are special, effective lines. Here’s to a stress free fall!!

    • Thank you, Ingrid! Looking forward to trying more.

  • Ashley McKernan

    I’ve found the Neutrogena Stress Acne Cleanser to be super efficient and amazing. Got hid of my hormonal ones, STAT. Also, GlamGlow SuperMud for getting all the gunk out of your pores before hand.

    • Neutrogena does incredible acne-fighting products. That’s so great to hear Ash!

  • Dahlia

    OMG love the post! I bought miyu de-stress facial spray and tea a few weeks ago, and and my skin has honestly improved tremendously! I would recommend it for skin prone to hives and contact pimples… cleared it right up!

    • So so happy to hear that Dahlia! I haven’t gotten into the regular routine of doing the facial spray, but I will make a more conscious effort to do so.

  • Gemma W

    @79265ac37d24a97002440d26b73cf584:disqus Where did you buy the tea I cannot find where on the site?

  • dahlia

    I got it everything in Toronto at Jacob + Sebastion on Queen street. Also found kahina there but I bought tata harper instead. hope that help!

  • i’ve really been curious about Miyu! 🙂

    • I really recommend MIYU! Really effective products.

  • I feel like your skin is already like buttah, so getting facials.. just makes it more amazing. But with me, I find facials don’t really do the trick *sigh*

    • Aw thanks! But really? I thought you liked your P+S facials, eh?

  • Toya

    Loving the routine Arianne! I’m all over these green brands as well 🙂 I have the OLO eye balm on my list! And I agree my skin has been SO much less oily now that I’m using oils in my skincare. It’s love!

    • Yay we should swap green beauty favourites. I always like to hear about other brands that I haven’t tried yet. 🙂

  • Your skin is in such great condition, I don’t think you need any of these! But I agree about wedding stress!! We planned our shotgun wedding for a month – I think I definitely needed one of these then. And congratulations on getting married – you look so beautiful in the photos! Saw the hashtagged photos!

  • the brands on clementine fields are interesting, most i’ve never heard before. unfortunate that they don’t ship international. oh well.
    my stress fighting regimen?
    1. burt’s bees baby bee lotion. they’ve changed the formula, but i hoarded a few bottles that i’m still going though. if de-stress has a smell? it’s this.
    2. l’occitane almond oil. nice and warms the skin.
    3. a vigorous bath and sleep, with 1 or 2 above in between. 😀