Glitter Geek’s Summer Shape-Up

It’s hot. Like many people, I like to look and feel my best in my shorts and tank tops this summer. So, I am eating clean and stepping up my fitness regimen to get strong, lose weight and inches, and increase my energy levels. I know there are a lot of you who are also on your own fitness journey, so I thought I’d share all the fun fitness things that I’ve been doing lately. 🙂 My goal is to get into the best shape of my life, not just for my upcoming wedding in October, but also for a good quality of life for the years to come.

Staying Active

As much as I can, I am constantly trying to find ways to stay active and not get fluffy on the couch (oh so hard to fight it!).

Arianne Getting Physical

(1) I haven’t had the best luck with my bike this summer (flat tires galore!), but I’ve been on my bike to commute to/from work and to zip around the city. My fiance and I have gone car-less since last year, so in Toronto, the best way for us to get around is through our bikes! 🙂 Back in June, I participated in Heart & Stroke Foundation Becel’s Ride for Heart 75 KM bike ride, which was one of the most difficult thing I’ve ever done physically and mentally.

(2) I have been with Booty Camp Fitness on and off for 2 years now. I bought a 6-month package ($124.50 per month for the 6-month package / many locations across Canada) this past May. There are so many things about Booty Camp that makes it work for me. Our instructor at the Toronto High Park, Dalia is the best; she works us harder than we’ve ever exercised alone. Working out in a group of women with their own fitness goals is really empowering, and everyone is motivated and very supportive of each other.

(3) I love trying new workouts and tried the new barre trend at Barreworks (introductory price $40 for 2 weeks unlimited / Queen West and Yonge/Eglinton location). They have several types of classes, but if you like that “hurts so good” feeling in your muscles, check out the bAAAre. AAA for arms, abs and ass. It’s an excellent sculpting workout that you’re sure to feel the burn the next day.

(4) What I’m also trying to do more on my own to change things up is weight training and running. Pinterest is an incredible resource for millions of workout ideas and fitness motivations. I’m an awful runner, but I’m slowly starting to learn and build endurance for running. I even ran a good chunk in Color Me Rad 5K, and I totally recommend it for newbie runners. So much fun!

Tracking my Progress

Fitocracy 2

Fitocracy 1

Working out has turned into a big game to me thanks to Fitocracy. As a geek who has played World of Warcraft, there’s no better feeling than to level up in your fitness. 🙂 I track all my workouts on Fitocracy… and get “props” for being awesome. Want to join in? Let’s be friends. To track my cycling distance and time (as well as walking and running), I use Moves on my iPhone.

Hydration is Very Important!

Summer Shape Up Hydration Zico and Sigg
Taken after a sweaty BootyCamp sesh… Hello beads of sweat.

My BPA- and phthalate-free Sigg Active Top Pink Bottle* ($28.99, online and in various retailers) is my workout companion. It has a leak proof top, so even when I kick it around the field or store it upside down in my bike bag, I know my water isn’t going to get everywhere. The specially designed active top allows you to adjust your drink’s flow rate, disassemble for easy clean up, and even drink carbonated drinks. I love my bottle, and I think it would be great if it also comes in an insulated version so I can keep my drinks cold for longer.

ZICO Chocolate Coconut Water* (414ml bottle or 1L tetra, at Walmart, Metro, Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart) is new to Canada, and is the most delicious coconut water I’ve ever tasted. It’s a combination of coconut water from concentrate and a scrumptious chocolate flavour. Coconut water (yes, even ones from concentrate!) boasts a lot of health benefits. It is a great alternative for those who are dairy-, lactose- and gluten-intolerant, and is potassium-rich, which helps support muscle recovery from exercise. Did I mention its taste is divine? 🙂

Smoothing out Lumps and Bumps

Ahh the wonders of aging. Not only do we get lines on areas that didn’t use to have them, but now we also have to worry about cellulite!

This wouldn’t be a proper beauty feature without mention of a beauty product, am I right? Every now and then — although I really should be doing it on a regular basis — I dry brush before I get into the shower. Dry brushing is supposed to help with boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage and even reducing cellulite!

rodial size zero

After my shower I apply Rodial size zero* ($68 for 300ml, at Shoppers Drug Mart) on my legs and stomach. This light body moisturizer has citrus-y rose scent, and boasts a powerful ingredient called Pro-svetyl. Pro-svetyl works to helps reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as improve skin’s elasticity.

The reduction of cellulite depends on one’s eating and drinking habits, of course, but I always feel less bloated (and fluffy) whenever I regularly go through my dry brush and Rodial size zero routine.

Over to you: are you getting fit this summer (and beyond)? I’d love to know how you keep yourself motivated, and what has worked for you! Let’s help each other reach our fitness goals. 🙂

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  • Rema Gouyez-Benallal

    yay you go girl! It is such a challenge to say no to the couch isn’t it? I find that getting a bike as really helped me stay active for sure. The battle is just eating clean when all I want is pizza! It definitely is a lifestyle thing and knowing that everything should be enjoyed with moderation — except workouts 😉

    • I hope you get your bike problems figured out soon.

      Eating clean is so difficult. Last night we got take out Mediterranean food, and because it’s huge, we ate half for dinner, and I’m eating half for lunch today. I think I gotta re-wire my brain about portion sizes. I used to eat so little to get full. But I just want to eat all the things!

      You’re doing so great. 🙂 It does help to see someone else trying as hard as me. Good job lady!

  • Must. Work. Out. !!!!!!!! I’ve had far too many excuses for falling off the healthy bandwagon. It has been an entire year since I’ve jogged regularly. So unacceptable! I love all the posts I’m seeing about health lately. Taking care of one’s body is the most beautiful thing there is!

    • Exactly! Anything you can fit in to your lifestyle easily? I find I can get on my bike and just go on forever. 🙂 I admit most days I cannot even think about working out, but I just lace up my shoes and just do it. Sometimes not thinking is best. 🙂

  • You’re awesome! Getting into a routine is so hard, especially in summer! I’ve been slacking so much, I know all about that ‘fluffy’ which is such a lovely way to describe it btw 🙂 the Barre workout sounds awesome! The app also sounds like a great idea! Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thanks Taylor! Trying not to get so fluffy! 😛

  • Woohoo, Arianne!!! Very exciting!
    What is this dry brushing thing you speak of?