At-Home Manicure 2.0: Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish

I posted some snaps on Instagram (follow me here!) of my new at-home gel polish and I’ve received a lot of questions about the system. So instead of waiting to see how long my manicure lasts, I thought I’d write an overview of the system first and tell you how to use it! πŸ™‚ I just tried the Kiss Everlasting Gel PolishΒ ($8.97-$34. 97 at Walmart) and I am so thrilled to share with you my first impressions!

Kiss Color Gel

Just a bit of background: I’ve never tried a gel polish before. I’ve always wanted to try Shellac but balked at the price of getting the service done. Whenever I paint my nails at home, I always find my manicure smudged and ruined after a good night’s sleep. Needless to say I am pretty excited to try the Everlasting Gel Polish system, as it promises to deliver glossy, chip-free colour that dries instantly and lasts up to 14 days! Removal is supposed to be easy: they soak off with acetone-soaked pads wrapped in aluminum foil.

Kiss Gel Cleanser
Kiss Prep & Cleanse Gel Cleanser

To prep the nails, remove any existing nail polish and push back cuticles. Wipe down each nail with the included lint-free wipes soaked in Kiss Prep & Cleanse Gel Cleanser ($8.97).

Kiss Gel Lamp
Kiss PRO LED Gel Lamp

Say hello to theΒ Kiss PRO LED Gel Lamp ($34.97). The unit itself has a reflective surface all-around, with LED lights along the top of the unit. This ensures that the UV light cures the nails evenly. To start, hit the button at the top of the unit. It beeps at 30 seconds, and turns off automatically after 60 seconds.

Kiss Gel Lamp Closeup
Kiss PRO LED Gel Lamp

Once it’s on, it definitely feels warm under the lights. Any excess gel on the skin or cuticles get quite hot but still tolerable, so be careful to wipe down any excess before curing under the lamp. For each gel polish step, I do the following: apply to four fingers on one hand except for my thumb, and cure. Repeat for the other hand. Then I apply a coat to both thumbs, and cure.

Kiss Base Gel
Kiss Base Gel

The Kiss Base Gel ($11.97) evens out any ridges on the nails and primes them for colour. Cure for 30 seconds. For this I manually turn off the unit once it beeps.

Kiss Color Gel Punch and Shimmer
Kiss Color Gel in Punch and Shimmer

The Kiss Color Gel ($11.97) comes in 15 colours. Application on these was so smooth but the consistency — at least the shades I’m wearing here — were like jelly finish nail polish and are on the sheer side. Swatches below are done with 3 coats. Cure for 60 secondsΒ after each coat.

Kiss Color Gel 1
From left: Petal, Juicy, Shimmer, Punch, Lush, Really

Kiss Color Gel 2
From left: Ballet, Pearl, French, Onyx, Smoky, Kissed

Kiss Top Gel
Kiss Top Gel

Kiss Top Gel ($11.97) is a top coat with “optical brighteners to prevent yellowing.” Cure for 30 seconds. After this step, wipe down the nails again with the Kiss Prep & Cleanse Gel Cleanser to remove any excess gel. The surface should be smooth and not sticky if cleaned properly. Don’t worry, your manicure will not smudge at this point. Trust.

Kiss Color Gel Punch and Shimmer Swatch
Kiss Color Gel in Punch and Shimmer Swatches (so shiny and juicy!!!)

Enjoy your brand new, at-home salon quality manicure. πŸ™‚ I’ll report back on how well this lasts, but overnight, I’m already impressed that I have no smudges, nicks or chips on my new manicure.

Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish is available individually and in these kits at Walmart:

  • Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Color Gel Starter System ($29.97): Base Gel, 1 Color Gel, Top Gel, Prep & Cleanse Gel Cleanser, Buff Block, Manicure Stick, Mini File and Lint-Free Wipes
  • Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish French Manicure Kit ($34.47): Patented French wraps, Brush-on Gel Glue, Base Gel, 1 Color Gel, Top Gel, Prep & Cleanse, Buff Block, Manicure Stick, Mini File and Lint-Free Wipes


Update on Staying Power and Removal

My manicure lasted 11 days before it started peeling. At around day 8, there was noticeable fading at the base near my cuticles, but no chips or nicks. I am so impressed with the system. I think it performed incredibly as it withstood a good beating. I gardened bare-handed, went camping, and was overall very rough with my manicure.

A bunch of readers were curious about removal, and it was pretty easy with acetone-soaked cotton pads and aluminum foil wraps. I kept them on for 10 minutes and peeled the polish off with a cuticle pusher. It left some residue (like ones that stickers leave on plastic surfaces), but I’m able to scrape them off with my fingernails. I think keeping the acetone soak on longer will definitely fix this, but I have very weak and sensitive skin that I opted not to keep it on for a significant time.

I hope my experience helps you decide on whether you want to try out the Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish system. I personally believe that it provides an incredible value for an at-home manicure! Let me know what you think! πŸ™‚

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  • Icaria

    Looks fantastik! I’m now more than intrigued but still a little worried about the removal process. On a recent post I mentioned this kit & I’m glad to see that it is less expensive than the other popular one. Thanks for the extra info Arianne. πŸ™‚

    • For the price of 1 Shellac mani you can have this for life. That’s pretty amazing value if you ask me!

  • This sounds impressive! A gel manicure sounds like a great idea around this time of year. My mani is good for about 3 days

    • Indeed! Perfect for running around in the beach. My nails always get ravaged if I’m camping or at the beach, so these will be perfect.

  • Joyce (bronzer bunny)

    i always wanted to get an at home gel kit! Scared though, lol, i don’t know if my manicure skills are good enough haha

    • They are actually super easy to apply. The gel polish is self-leveling, so you can’t really get a streaky application after 2 coats.

      • Joyce (bronzer bunny)

        OH that is good. I make all my stuff streaky so that is kind of pathetic lol. that is how i gauge polish formulas – if i don’t streak it horribly then it is a good one hahaha

  • Looks good! Love the squishiness of that pink too. My manis rarely last longer than 3 days haha, I’m pretty rough on my hands.

    • Haha squishy pink! Thanks MM! I tried gardening with my bare hands and this went mostly unscathed. Who gardens with their bare hands? πŸ˜›

  • That pink is fabulous! I’ve been curious about the at-home kits. I’d love to know how removal goes – that’s the part I’m most curious about! I’ve had gel nails before and loved the staying power but hated the removal process, esp. having to go back to a salon. I’d love to do it myself at home (in PJ’s)! πŸ™‚

  • dowantmakeup

    Cute!! Gel polishes are not for me personally as my nails grow too fast for me to appreciate the longevity, but I do love the glossy, juicy look!

  • Great post. Such a great finish on them. I have been using the Quo by Orly gel polishes for a while now, and while I like them the colour selection is severely limited. I must check these out.

  • Nice to know that it is possible to have gel polish manicures whenever you want for a cheaper price. I heard that the gel nail polish is actually less toxic than most regular polishes as well, which would be a great added bonus! I’m all about the more natural beauty products!

  • daly_beauty

    I was chatting with Beautezine about this line and I am very intrigued! I think my daughter would LOVE it, as she adores the gel manis. What a terrific gift idea this would be aka affordable.

  • Khi

    For removal: Have you tried just peeling them off?

    That worked with the gel-types I’ve tried so far (shellack, snd, mid east)

    I just push a nail along the edge of the nailpolish, push a little more and get underneat it, and the whole flake gets loose. Quite easy and kinder to the nails than aceton-soak. πŸ™‚

    • Gabby

      peeling off gel polish actually damages the nail, as it rips off multiple layers of your nail and makes them thin. nail techs advise that you DON’T do this πŸ™‚

  • Bruna

    Hi, I have a question regarding the application. What if you apply the gel by accident in your fingers. Can you remove it with acetone and cotton, before put the nails under the LED? Thanks

    • You can just wipe it off with cotton soaked with acetone yes! Or even just an orange stick.

  • Tari Anne

    Hi, I was wondering if you have tried the gel system with the Kiss nail art strips? There are gorgeous designs I just saw in the shop but I have never done a gel system before. I am curious if these strips would last longer with the gel system on them. I use Sally Hansen nailart strips which work amazing for me, upwards of 2 weeks with just a weekly reapplication of a clear coat on top! I tried Jamberry but those are terrible and the top layer peels off for me after 24 hours πŸ™