On Meeting A Makeup Master: shu uemura Artistic Director Mr. Kakuyasu Uchiide’s Visit at Sephora Toronto Eaton Centre

Last month, shu uemura’s International Artistic Director Mr. Kakuyasu Uchiide stopped by Sephora at Toronto Eaton Centre for a demo on Tokyo makeup trends. I happen to work steps away from the mall and so I walked over on my lunch break for a bit of makeup fix. 🙂

shu uemura Uchiide crowd
There I was, either tweeting or distracted by skincare. 😉

I just love seeing makeup masters in their natural habitat, doing makeup and demonstrating artistic techniques. Mr. Uchiide really is a pleasure to watch. He just had a cloud of zen around him. Borrowing a friend’s words: “it was like watching Jesus perform a miracle.”

shu uemura Uchiide model1

The first look he demonstrated is a cute, doll-like makeup with an emphasis on big rounded eyes. For this look, Uchiide applied painting gel eyeliner pointing down on the outer corners to create a rounded, “cute” eye shape. In true shu uemura fashion, this look also features lashes on the top and bottom lash lines. So kawaii, right?

The second look was a modernized ’60s look, featuring individual false lashes among the lower lash line. The entire makeup look including the lashes were masterfully applied in 10 minutes, when it would probably take me at least 30.

shu uemura Uchiide brush grip
An unusual artistic grip

It’s clear why Shu Uemura handpicked Mr. Uchiide to carry on his legacy. He is mesmerizing both with his artistic talent and personality. He applied makeup precisely with ease, and even wielded brushes using a unique artistic grip.

shu uemura Uchiide models

If you have the opportunity to meet Kakuyasu Uchiide, I urge you to go and watch him do a live makeup demonstration and you’ll see what I’m talking about here. It was a really great experience, and Mr. Uchiide gained another fangirl. See next photo:

shu uemura Uchiide and Me
OMG I look 4 ft tall! My lipstick is YSL 7 Le Fuchsia, if you must know.

Have you ever met a makeup artist that left you feeling so inspired? Who did you meet, and when? 🙂

All photos courtesy of shu uemura; all except the last were taken from the shu uemura Facebook page.

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  • I like the liner in this look! Especially in the first picture, I love the way her eyes come out.
    I’ve never been super-wowed by a make-up artist before, but I remember that when I started discovering make-up and went to the MAC counter, I was amazed by what they showed me make-up could do! So I guess that was my first waw-moment. I’d love to meet Tom Pecheux, but I doubt that’ll ever happen 😉

    • Tom Pecheux! Love that. I’d love to meet Pat McGrath and Gucci Westman. Oh a girl can dream!

  • kmakesithappen

    you look so pretty and cute! I’d loveot meet Mario dedivanico

    • Thanks! Oooh Kim K’s artist! 🙂

  • How awesome! I’ve never tried Shu Uemura, since it’s not in the U.S. anymore…but it looks so great.

    • shu uemura is surprisingly an excellent brand with pro quality products. I think most people can’t get past the cutesy packaging, though.

  • I really like your cat print dress!

    • Thanks Jessica. It’s from LOFT.

  • Haha you’re so cute! In a hot, sexy way of course 😉 I love that first look he did, amazing! I haven’t had the pleasure of being in the presence of a really great m/u artist, but maybe one day!

    • LOL thanks Toya. I love the first look, too!

  • gorgeous photos! Great recap girl!

    • Thanks Rema! Photos aren’t mine. I wish!

  • Nunu

    Crazy cat lady dress

  • BooBooNinja

    I imagined myself sitting next to you as I read your post. I hope to one day see a master like Mr Uchiide at work. Were you holding your breath as he shared his gift to the crowd? Wow. What an experience this was!

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