My Kérastase Initialiste 7-Day Challenge at Taz Hair Salon

Kerastase Initialiste Product2

I was approached by Kérastase to test drive the new Kérastase Initialiste ($55 for 60 ml, in Kérastase salons) for 7 days at Taz Hair Salon. Initialiste is an advanced scalp and hair concentrate that promises to deliver strength, shine, softness and substance to the hair, with results visible in only 7 days.

Kérastase Initialiste harnesses the regenerative power of native plant cells along with other technologies and ceramides to create a unique formula for stronger and healthier hair.

For the 7-day challenge, I was given two complimentary visits (day 1 and day 7) to Taz Hair Salon for in-salon treatments, and I also took home a bottle of Initialiste.

Here are my “before” photos, pre-treatment at Taz Hair Salon:

Kerastase Initialiste Arianne_Before
I sure know how to take a bad, deer-caught-in-the-headlights, “before” photo. 

Kerastase Initialiste Arianne_Before2

A few things I noticed and observed before my treatment: my hair — although straight — gets tangled very easily and is very fine. It looks dull and damaged from colour treatments especially in the ends.

I was instructed to use Initialiste 3 times that week after washing my hair. It comes with a pipette applicator to deposit the product easily on to the scalp. For my head of hair, I applied 4 half-full pipette amount. The texture of the product is similar to gel/water based face serums I’ve tried in the past.

After applying the treatment, I was given a 5-minute scalp massage which almost rendered me asleep and drooling in the salon chair.

Kerastase Initialiste Arianne_Treatment1

Fast-forward to day 7 and I gotta say, I look much happier than my “before” self:

Kerastase Initialiste Arianne_Treatment4

Remember the hair in my emerald cat eyeliner tutorial? My hair was blow dried and professionally styled by Duyen Huynh (above). Gorgeous and beach-ready, no? 🙂 Here are my “after” photos:

Kerastase Initialiste Arianne_After1

Kerastase Initialiste Arianne_After2

Yes of course, blow dried hair will look a thousand times better than un-styled end-of-day hair. But after 7 days, I honestly did reap the benefits promised by Kérastase Initialiste. I found my hair to be much more manageable and shiny. I know it sounds kinda stupid, but I feel that overall, there was more substance to my hair, and the strands really feel stronger and more fortified. I will continue to use this product in the upcoming months as I grow out my hair for my wedding, and I am confident that it’ll grow my hair hair strong and shiny.

Have you tried Kérastase Initialiste? Would you? What scalp treatments have worked for you in the past?

All photos courtesy of Kérastase.

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  • I love it! Your hair looks fab! Nothing like getting your hair all pampered up 🙂

    • Thanks Maria. 🙂 I love getting my hair done.

  • I have it and I tried a couple of times. I think I must have done something wrong though, because the thing gets my scalp greasy in a day or two! I don’t use more than the recommended amount, so I don’t know what happened. I’m inclined to give it another go, and I hope I’ll figure out how to make it work for me! Looove your new hair!

    • Hi Sunny! Do you wash and go? I found that the best thing with this is to dry your hair completely with a blow dryer, and it seems to work better, eliminating the greasy scalp issue. Good luck!

      • Hey Arianne, I systematically blow dry! Maybe I didn’t distribute the product evenly enough. I’ll keep you posted when I make new attempts 🙂

  • Gorgeous Arianne! I also love Kerastase and would love to try something like this

  • Wow your hair looks gorgeous! It looks so full and shiny. I also love the waves.

  • Love that after picture. You hair looks really healthy and beautiful. I’ve been hearing a lot about Kérastase products, and when I’m done with my current hair products, I’m going to switch.

  • wow, I am so jealous! your hair looks iber sleek and not frizzy. I like kerastase products but my all time HG will be shu 😉 I think you look very pretty with those cute curls xxx

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