Back To Brights: MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze and Silly Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

While they are still hot and available on the Canadian website (shop here – not an affiliate link, so feel free to buy all the things!), I want to share my thoughts and swatches of the new MAC Fashion Sets Collection.

MAC Fashion Sets 1

I received two lipstick shades (CDN $18 / US $15 each) from the collection:

  • Ablaze is a bright creamy coral, in a Matte formula.
  • Silly is a bright milky pink, in a Matte formula.

MAC’s Matte formula, if you’re not familiar with it, brings a lot of pigmentation, but also applies very dry. This is a heavy lip formula that you’ll either love or hate. I happen to love matte brights, so I can deal with it. This formula also wears a long time, but keep the lip balm on hand when your lips start to feel parched.

MAC Fashion Sets 2

Coral lipsticks have a permanent place in my heart, and I am in love with Ablaze. What a beautiful coral! It is not straight up orange, and it’s not neon either. It’s bright but easy to wear. I failed to find a dupe for it in my collection. I thought for sure that Joe Fresh Melon would be a dead-on dupe, but it leans more orange than Ablaze. MAC Lady Danger is a lot darker in tone and more saturated.

MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze Comparison Swatches
Joe Fresh Melon / MAC AblazeMAC Lady Danger

MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze Lipstick

Wearing MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze Lipstick 1

Wearing MAC Fashion Sets Ablaze Lipstick 2
Happiness… is what I feel when I wear Ablaze.

Silly is a light Barbie pink. This is pretty hard for me to pull off. I don’t have a dupe for this in my collection either. Hourglass Ballet looks like the right tone, but in a glossy formula. Joe Fresh Fuchsia is a darker.

MAC Fashion Sets Silly Comparison Swatches
Hourglass Ballet / MAC Silly / Joe Fresh Fuchsia

MAC Fashion Sets Silly Lipstick

Wearing MAC Fashion Sets Silly Lipstick 1

Wearing MAC Fashion Sets Silly Lipstick 2
It’s hard not to feel like Nicki Minaj with Silly lipstick on. 😛

MAC Fashion Sets Collection is available in North America April 4, 2013 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and The collection is available internationally on May 2013 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and

Are you planning to buy anything from the collection? Any standout shades and products? 🙂

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  • Hah, I laughed at the last pic :p. Doing a great impression there Arianne! I really love Ablaze on you, it’s like the perfect coral for this summer! ^^

    • Hahaha thanks Teri! I think celebrity impressions is my next calling. 😉

      I do agree about Ablaze, though! So perfect for summer.

  • TOBeautyReviews

    LOL!! You’re hilarious. Ok Ablaze is gorgeous!! Silly is definitely very Barbie but you could probably tone it down.

    • I think maybe a neutral lipgloss would work, eh?

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    Dude you can totally pull of Silly! In making faces and ON your face hahahaha!

    • Thanks shmexxxy Traxxx! 😛

  • Both lipsticks look amazing on you!! Can I ask what eyeliner you’re using here? It looks equally stunning x

    • Thanks Naomi! My eyeliner is Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner. I love it!

  • rasilla

    lol at the nicki pic 😛

  • Ablaze is gorgeous!

    • I agree Olivia! It’s already a favourite!

  • Catluvver

    Ablaze looks amazing on you! It looks like it was made for you…very youthful, fun & fresh. You work Ablaze very well. I can only hope it looks as good on me!

    • Thanks so much Catluvver! I think it’s so easy to wear because it’s a mix of orange and pink tones, so a wide range of skin tones will be able to pull it off!

  • Ahh I think I need Ablaze! Like the lipstick, lipglass, and lip liner! The whole deal! Can’t help it. Coral is my thing! I like Silly on you too. That Nicki Minaj face is hilarious!

    • Need all the coral everythings. 😀

  • Oh my I LOVE Ablaze! I must have it!! I love bright mattes as well, I usually pat them on and wear them with a gloss and I do really like MAC matte formulas, I hope I can get them! So Gorgous, and I absolutely love it on you!

    • I hope you can get them too, Taylor! You would totally rock these two here. 🙂

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  • disqus_zc311sSjnG

    Lmbo, that Nicki photo was hilarious, can’t stop laughing

  • Love Ablaze, obviously (hello, coral anything!), but actually I also like Silly on you – the contrast with your skintone makes it stand out in a good way, IMO. C’mon Arianne, you make ALL THE THINGS look good!! 😛

    • NOT ALL THE THINGS! But thank you, Latoya!

  • Hahaha, Arianne. I find colors like Silly hard to wear, too. Actually, all of these super pigmented shades are usually hard for me. I swatched Ablaze on my hand today and kind of liked it, but I’m afraid it will look ridiculous on me.

    • Stop STOP Larie. Ablaze would look awesome on you. 😛

  • Ilona

    Ablaze is gorgeous on you! How does it compare to Niagara from Nars? Thanks!

  • Tanisa

    lol at your Nicki Minaj face!
    Great choices. 🙂