Roses in Beauty Products = My Kinda Valentine’s Day

I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s day, except maybe for the half-price chocolates on February 15. 🙂 Last year, Mr. Geeks and I just got takeout Chinese food. However, I do enjoy theme-y posts very much so I thought I’d do a round up of favourite rose/pink/red products for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Roses 1

Does anyone use a perfumed talc? Yardley London Perfumed Talc in English Rose ($16 at Shoppers Drug Mart) feels so silky and smells like sweet roses on the skin. I love to sprinkle it on my skin before changing into pj’s at bedtime.

Looking for something natural? Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream ($28.50 for 10 ml at Weleda,, Whole Foods and health food stores) and Body Oil (US $26 for 100 ml; my sample is from the body oil set) have more of a green floral scent. The eye cream contains my newest awesome skincare ingredient discovery — organic rosehip seed oil — which is super effective in getting rid of flaky skin and combating tired, puffy eyes.

One of my all-time favourite skincare products ever is Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner (around $12 at and health food stores). It smells wonderful, you guys. I don’t use a toner now in the winter, but this one gets used all over my body in the summer as a cooling mist-slash-light fragrance. It calms the skin beautifully and is so damn cheap!

Valentines Roses 2

From the store’s first fragrance collection Voyage Collection, The Body Shop Eau de Toilette in Atlas Mountain Rose ($25 for 50 ml at The Body Shop) is a beautiful floral with combined notes of amber, musk, citrus, along with exotic spices and mountain rose extracts from Morocco. It’s also available in a Perfume Oil ($16).

Demeter makes such great simple fragrances that are exactly like the real thing. Demeter Cologne Spray in Bulgarian Rose (US $20.00 at is another soft rose fragrance, with notes of Bulgarian rose oil. If you feel like something different, why not have a cocktail or dessert without the calories? Redhead In Bed smells just like a sweet cocktail of gin, lemon, strawberries, and syrup. I’m not sure why anyone would ever wanna smell like a syrup-y cocktail though. 😛 Chocolate Covered Cherries just makes this chocolate lover go absolutely bananas. This means I can indulge in sweet stuff without getting dagger eyes from my boot camp instructor. 😉

Valentines Roses 3

What is Valentine’s day without the mention of pink and red products? You need these two in your life:

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink ($6.99) is a metallic light pink that instantly brightens the eyes. If you haven’t yet tried Color Tattoos, you are really missing out. They really stay on all day without slip and sliding. A quick swipe of Inked in Pink all over the lids with a small flick of eyeliner creates a pretty, romantic look for Valentine’s day.

Bite Beauty’s new Pastille Matte  Crème Lipstick in Pastille Rosebud ($24 at Sephora) is a pretty, bright blue based red. These are insanely pigmented and have a creme finish. I’ll talk about them more in an upcoming review!

Valentines Roses 4

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I am going to have a steamy, sweaty time tomorrow night… at Booty Camp. 😛

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  • Icequeen81

    i need to try that toner

  • Gah, I knew I needed Pastille Rosebud!!! The Demeter perfumes look interesting too. I wonder how Redhead in Bed smells LOL

    • It’s beautiful, Sunny. 🙂 Brighter (perkier??) than any other red I have.

  • OOOOOH, LIPSTICK. And now I’m going to look into that Weleda eye cream!

    • Hahaha I know… OOO LIPS!!!

      The eye cream is great under makeup, too. So light!

  • Demeter sprays! I forgot how much I used to love those!! I haven’t seen them in a while since Sephora stopped carrying them, but it was one of the few fragrances that I’d wear.

    • Oh nice! Which scent did you wear, Chris?

      • It was something beachy, citrus-y. Seriously it was a long time ago but I miss these.

  • I love what you picked out! I’ve been obsessed with Bite Beauty lipsticks, and had no idea that shade existed! It’s so cheerful!

    • I really love the cheery red Annick. 🙂 I have another one to show in another post.

  • fun! I am loving rose scents too, so i’ll have to remember to sniff demeter bulgarian rose and that body shop one! I love pink stuff! haha. i got inked in pink in my christmas stocking but have yet to try it… and as I’m commenting there is as maybelline color whispers commercial with SO many pretty pinks. Maybe i’ll have to get that! haha

  • Yay for themed posts, love them ^^. I used to really hate rose scented stuff but it’s turning around the last years weirdly enough. When it’s done right I can really appreciate it. Oh and perfumed talc? I didn’t even know you are supposed to use it after the baby phase :p. Sounds great tho!

  • I want those Bite lipsticks so badly!!! I spent my evening with the fam at dinner, and it was lovely 🙂

  • The Unprofessional Beauty Blog

    Rose is probably my favorite scent, even though I kind of dislike floral smells. That Bite lipstick looks so good.

  • Alison

    I can’t wait for the Bite lipstick review! :3