The Looks of Spring 2013

Looks of Spring 2013 via Glitter Geek

I admit that spring is personally my least favourite makeup season. Typically there is a deluge of pastels, which isn’t the most flattering for anyone with darker than medium skin. However, looking at the Spring 2013 visuals, there is something to be excited about. There are your typical collections (Dior, Laura Mercier) where everything is pink, but you can’t deny that these looks are so pretty! I’m glad to see bright watermelon pinks from Chanel and Lancôme, not to mention that insane bright turquoise eyeliner on Emma Watson. We’re seeing a lot of greens and blues in eyeshadows as well (Bare Minerals, Giorgio Armani, YSL). Clarins‘ vampy wintery look is so surprising and looks totally out of place in this visual board. shu uemura is — as expected — bringing all colours under the rainbow and feather-everything (!!!). The most interesting collection to me is NARS. Anticipated by many to think outside the (colour) box, NARS is featuring saturated matte powders, including a glorious bright orange eyeshadow and deep berry blush (swatches on Makeup and Beauty Blog).

What Spring 2013 look and collection are you most excited about?

Also check out previous looks here:

  • I agree that the NARS collection is the most interesting. Their promo image above is also my favorite of the bunch. That being said, I struggle with what I would actually buy. Seduction is a most likely, Dressed to Kill is likely, and I really want to challenge myself to pick another piece. Half the fun of makeup is pushing the boundaries!

    • Hi Alison! Great picks. 🙂 I’m so curious about how Seduction would look like on. I haven’t seen a full face swatch of it yet.

  • LC

    What about Bobbi Brown! Katie Holmes? 😀

    • Hi LC! Love that Katie Holmes look. I didn’t include that one because it’s a promo for a single product line rather than a collection. 🙂 And I pick the ones that are most interesting to me. 😉

  • I have my eye on Dressed to Kill from NARS. The other offerings I think I need to see in person to see if anything really catches my eye. Like you Spring collections usually don’t float my boat. I tend to favor the berries/plums that usually show up in Fall/Winter collections. However, I do like the fact that a few lines are pushing beyond the usual pinks/pastel offerings for spring. I like pink but a girl can only do so much pink!

    • Hi Kristi! I totally agree with you. Love Fall/Winter collections. 🙂

  • Jenny

    Wow, it’s so nice to see a roundup of all or most of the collection promos! I love the Laura Mercier and the Chanel looks!

    • Thanks Jenny! I love those, too. But of course, Chanel and Laura Mercier are two of my favourite high end brands.

  • Shadowy Lady

    I’m also not too big on spring makeup trends. Though I love Nars and their spring collection sounds yummy….they even have an eyeshadow called Persia…MINE!!! 😀

    • Totally want to see Persia on you, Saadeh!

  • I feel like the spring collections 2013 are one of the best (or at least appealing to me). I am not a huge fan of pink (eyeshadows) but I hope to make this colour work for me one day. great roundup! I already picked up my chanel spring products 🙂

    • What did you pick up from Chanel, Claire? For pink, I find I need to anchor it with beige and browns to make it more wearable. Straight up pink is very hard to pull off.

      • I tried to mix it with browns but I am not satisfied yet with my look. I got Emprise and Fracas 🙂 Emprise is the most beautiful nude I’ve ever seen! I am very impressed by the texture as well, so creamy and I almost need only one coat.

  • I really like Lancome’s, but that may just be because I adore Emma Watson’s face 😛 I agree that spring does tend to be the same-old a lot of times.

    • I like her face, too Larie! Her facial features are to die for.

  • I’m not loving the pink lids, but I never say never. I’m looking forward to Nars and YSL looks beautiful and a bit unexpected.

    • Love the way you think! 🙂 Never say never is a great way to think about makeup.

  • Toya

    I’m not terribly excited for any of the collections really, though I am loving the visual for Laura Mercier’s and bareMineral’s launches. And I’m not interested in the NARS launch AT ALL. I’m sure he’s made a collection that’s cool with its seemingly non-comprehensive shades, but it literally leaves me cold.

    I don’t love pastels on my face but DAMN I love ’em on my fingertips! And I’ve just seen photos of butter London’s Spring shades and I want Every.Single.One.

    …but I digress. Spring isn’t my fave makeup collection season but I do love getting a little bit more girly than usual!

  • I like chanel, Lancome and Nars make up look for this spring. I like pastels with a touch of vibrant colors.