My “Crazy Fairy” YSL Arty Stone Collection for Spring 2013 Look

I need to stop the onslaught of reviews and post a look for my own sanity. I wanted to challenge myself and use all the shades from the Y Facettes Pure Chromatics Eye Collector Palette Nº 14 in one eye look. Before I continue with the rest of the reviews for YSL Arty Stone Collection for Spring 2013, I wanted to show you a look using the products. I like it, and hope you do too! Mr. Geeks sure didn’t.

Mr. Geeks: “Blue eyeshadow. Pft.”
Me: “It’s green.”
Mr. Geeks: “Teal. Pft.” *cringes*

Boys: can’t live with them!

YSL Arty Stone Collection Look 3

Get the Look

For the eyes, wet a brush and pick up Malachite (green) and pat onto the inner 2/3 of the lid and crease, and lower lash line. Next, flip the brush and pick up the Azurite (blue) and apply along the outer lid and crease, and outer 1/3 of the lower lash line. With a crease brush, apply a small amount of matte chocolate brown to the crease to create a soft contour. Next, apply Amethyst (violet) dry with a fluffy blending brush along the crease. Highlight under the brows and inner corners with Fluorite (pink).

Line the top lash line and waterline with a black pencil (YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil in 1 Black Ink), and the bottom waterline with an emerald green pencil (Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Metal Green). Curl your lashes and apply loads of mascara (Annabelle Le Big Show).

For the cheeks, using your fingers, apply Crème de Blush in Nº 9 Rose Quartz on top of the cheekbones and extend up towards the temples and brow bones. Then, apply Crème de Blush in Nº 8 Baby Doll on the contours of the cheeks to sculpt those cheekbones, baby doll!

For the lips, apply two layers of Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres in Nº 27 Pêche Cerra-Colla.

YSL Arty Stone Collection Look 4

YSL Arty Stone Collection Look 5
Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres in Nº 27 Pêche Cerra-Colla

Keep reading to see more pictures!

More Pictures!

YSL Arty Stone Collection Look 2

YSL Arty Stone Collection Look 1

Bonus: when one is taking photos and getting annoyed at her hair (and the photo turns out crystal clear, as if it’s begging to be included in the final cut). So here you go. Geekery at its finest.

YSL Arty Stone Collection Look

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  • Christa

    I think it’s pretty! That the EXACT placement I used in my look. It’s going up today but a sneak peek of my eyeball was in my Y Facettes palette review except I skipped adding any mattes. Living on the wild side. LOL. Great minds think alike! Phooey on boys and their fear of colour. My hubby always says I look like a clown when I try and wear too much colour.

    • Arianne

      Ohh cool thanks Christa! I’m going to check out your look, too.

  • Claire

    I love the curls! 😀 I actually thought #27 would be rather a) invisible or b) too orange but it is such a nice peach. Oh that YSL palette!!

    • Arianne

      Not at all Claire, it’s perfect!

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    So pretty, Arianne! Now I’m convinced I need some sparkling pastel shadows 😉

    • Arianne

      Yes Sunny, yes!

  • Alison M

    Arianne, your personality of geekery is exactly what makes you so beautiful! Love the look you created, crazy hair and all 😉

    • Arianne

      Yay thanks Alison.

  • Bam biQ

    you look sooo pretty!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Bam biQ!

  • Meghan@Paintedladybeauty

    This is gorgeous! I’m not a fan of bright colors, but honestly, this is stunning! I love how you blended it in with the brown contour in your crease.

    • Arianne

      Thanks Meghan! Brown contour is how I make pastels work for me. Try it sometime!

  • BeautyReflections

    Love it! Pastels look amazing on you!
    And I think you should make your hair stick out like that for reals. 😛 It’s a good look for the madness ahaha! 😉

    • Arianne

      LOL hairspray won’t keep it this way.

  • Maria Aguilar

    Love the lips!

    • Arianne

      Thank you Maria!

  • xiao • Messy Wands

    At least Mr. Geekz knows teal :) also purdy! Pastels can be surprising sometimes

    • Arianne

      I know, Wandz! Shocked me too that he knows teal.

  • Laura H.

    Peach is a great colour on you !

    • Arianne

      Thanks Laura!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    I can’t choose which I like better–the eyes or the lips. The rich, shimmery shade on the eyes and I ALWAYS love anything balmy and/or peachy on the lips! NEED EVERYTHING you used!! 😛

    • Arianne

      Can I help you, Becca? I like the lips more. 😀 Hope you get to try some of this collection. Especially the lip and cheek stuff.

  • Paris B

    I saw this on Tracy’s blog and now you! I love how it looks on both of you, especially when its been deepened a little 😀

    • Arianne

      Hey Paris. :) Thanks so much.

  • MyLuciteDreams

    Uh wow! You have rocked this palette! I got say you have made me love it! It’s so beautiful on you! This one is it your next party! Really beautiful :-)

    • Arianne

      Thank you Taylor. :)

  • Kelly

    love it. my boyfriend hates colored makeup too haha. LOVE THAT GLOSSY STAIN ON YOU. perfection

    • Arianne

      Thanks Kelly! <3

  • Makeup Morsels

    YAYY HAIR PICTURE 😛 Ok, this is incredible. It’s quite possibly the best spring pastel eye look I’ve ever seen, very editorial but I can actually picture myself wearing something similar in public.

    • Arianne

      Thanks Morzelz. <3 Hope you do try it out!

  • Maggie

    SO very pretty! For someone who was all “BAH!” about pastels, you do them inordinate justice. 😉

  • Kristen H

    Wow! The colors look gorgeous on you! Mr. Geeks better recognize. 😉

  • Joanne P

    It’s impressive how you pull off that many colors in one look. Beautiful and you look glowy here.

  • Rocaille

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And that Glossy Stain looks so beautiful on your lips, Geekz!

  • Dahlia

    the colors look gorgeous on you!!! whoaaa.

  • Latoya

    That glossy stain! WANT.

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