The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette: Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

Hello from San Francisco! After two days of exploring the city on foot,  I’m getting some downtime and taking the opportunity to do a quick blog post. It’s fun to see a lot of the city, but it’s also hella exhausting. Oh yes, I’ve also adopted the local slang. 😉

Yesterday I met up with Marisol for the first time in real life (hey girl!) and she showed me around the city a little, including a short stop at Sephora just to browse. Yeeeeaahhh, um. No. This happened:

Stolen from missmarisol’s Instagram

And then, I picked up the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette ($48 US / $60 CDN at Sephora) because it’s awesome.

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette

I’m only going to say this: all the eyeshadows in the palette are richly pigmented, smooth and beautiful shades. Have you ever seen a navy so rich as Deep Night? I never have. Wow! Now I’m going to let the swatches speak for themselves.

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette Swatches: Chocolate, African Violet, Sable, Guava, Cameo, Sunlit

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette Swatches: Vanilla Nuts, Plum Smoke, Cafe au Lait, Coffee Ground, Deep Night, Rich Coffee

If you’re hanging on to a $15 or $20 off $50 at Sephora, this is a great early Christmas gift for yourself. This is probably one of my best buys of the year.

And one last photo… because 1) San Francisco is crazy festive right now, with Christmas decorations in and outside every building; 2) balls! :)

I think I’m a little too happy with these massive Christmas balls!

  • Lisa

    That is a gorgeous palette and you are right about the navy blue, normally I am leery of blues but that swatch is gorgeous!!

    • Arianne

      Mmmhmm Lisa, it’s totally amazing. :)

  • Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    This one is amazing! I like how there are as many shimmery shades as matte ones. I’m sure you’ll do amazing looks with it!

    • Arianne

      Hey Sunny! I know, it’s such a great versatile palette. I can’t wait to do some looks.

  • Larie

    ARgh! Still want. Mostly for the mattes – they are gorgeous!

    • Arianne

      The mattes are so beautiful, Larie. :)

  • Marisol

    Hey girl… it was hella fun hanging out with you. hahaha!

    Just this morning I got another VIB coupon. it’s like they want me to shop there or something.

    Deep night & Rich coffee look amazing.

    • Arianne

      Hahaha what are they trying to do to you? 😛

  • Sarah S.

    Great trip photos :)

    • Arianne

      We’re having so much fun. Thanks Sarah S.!

  • BeautyReflections

    Liking that pic of you and the Big Ballz 😛
    Great pick! Can hardly wait to see it in action on you!

    • Arianne

      Hahaha so so so happy finding the big balls!

  • Chris El

    Ooh where is this? (big red balls) P.S. The palette looks like a great buy.

    • Arianne

      Hi Chris El! Sorry I don’t remember where we saw this tree. SF is a very confusing place to me hahaha.

  • Kassie lee

    so pretty . The colors do look super pigmented

  • Catherine

    Wow, pretty much all the shades look beautiful! There are so many pretty eyeshadow palettes out right now

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    WANT IT! Want it bad!! 😀

  • Coco N

    Such a coincidence that you say that, I actually used my $20 off for this palette :)

  • MyLuciteDreams

    It’s so beautiful!! Need it.

  • Joyce

    i seriously want this. but i’m also debating between the lorac pro palette and stila in the light. so i’m confused. lol. But mostly i have WAY too many palettes and eyeshadows anyway, soo… I don’t even know what I’m thinking. LOL!

  • Merry

    Oh, wow! SF and LM Artist’s Palette! So hella jealous :p Great Palette, a variation of her original Eye and lip paint palettes from years back. Same colors + more! I love putting Deep Night close to the lash line and blending out edges with African Violet. (It’ll be on my next post for Holiday Looks). You can use Guava as a base.. This will be your go-to palette for Bridals or any TV (Beauty) work for-/ ’til you hit pan 😀

  • The Asian Pear

    I’m usually not one for eyeshadows… But that entire palette is gorgeous. Even a make-up anxious person like me wants to buy it just to OOGLE at. O_O;;

  • Jenny W

    ZOMG Deep Night!! *faints*

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