The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette: Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

Hello from San Francisco! After two days of exploring the city on foot,  I’m getting some downtime and taking the opportunity to do a quick blog post. It’s fun to see a lot of the city, but it’s also hella exhausting. Oh yes, I’ve also adopted the local slang. 😉

Yesterday I met up with Marisol for the first time in real life (hey girl!) and she showed me around the city a little, including a short stop at Sephora just to browse. Yeeeeaahhh, um. No. This happened:

Stolen from missmarisol’s Instagram

And then, I picked up the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette ($48 US / $60 CDN at Sephora) because it’s awesome.

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette

I’m only going to say this: all the eyeshadows in the palette are richly pigmented, smooth and beautiful shades. Have you ever seen a navy so rich as Deep Night? I never have. Wow! Now I’m going to let the swatches speak for themselves.

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette Swatches: Chocolate, African Violet, Sable, Guava, Cameo, Sunlit

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette Swatches: Vanilla Nuts, Plum Smoke, Cafe au Lait, Coffee Ground, Deep Night, Rich Coffee

If you’re hanging on to a $15 or $20 off $50 at Sephora, this is a great early Christmas gift for yourself. This is probably one of my best buys of the year.

And one last photo… because 1) San Francisco is crazy festive right now, with Christmas decorations in and outside every building; 2) balls! 🙂

I think I’m a little too happy with these massive Christmas balls!