So Sparkly, So ’80s, But So Sheer!: YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night Review, Photos, Swatches

YSL Boréal Palette Arctic Night 4 Wet & Dry Eye Shadows
YSL Boréal Palette Arctic Night 4 Wet & Dry Eye Shadows

YSL is a brand that is not afraid to dole out colour and sparkle, and this is apparent in its Northern Lights Collection for Holiday 2012. The star product of the collection is the YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night ($79). The palette contains four sparkly eyeshadows: a brownish burgundy, icy white, bright turquoise and a royal blue.

YSL Boréal Palette Arctic Night swatches
YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night – swatches (wet)

As the name suggests, Arctic Night eyeshadows can be used dry (for sheer shimmer) or wet (for intense colour and sparkle). I swatched them wet above using a finger, they came out medium-opaque. Quite honestly, these wet swatches are disappointing. I expect intense opaque colours when I swatch an eyeshadow wet. I’ve had cheap eBay eyeshadows that swatch brighter when wet than Arctic Night‘s eyeshadows.

YSL Boréal Palette Arctic Night 2
YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night

The quad eyeshadow palette comes with the standard gold YSL casing, and instead of the black velvet pouch, the palette is stored in a silver sequinned pouch. It’s a cute little case that you can use to carry your credit cards or business cards.

The colours in Arctic Night are made to mimic the colours of the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis). They also scream so ’80s to me. I decided to put together a quick dirty smokey eye inspired by the ’80s makeup trends (read: a lot of makeup. Everywhere!). I wore the icy white on the brow bone and inner corners; turquoise all over the lid and lower lash line; royal blue on the outer 1/3 of the lid and lower lash line; and the brownish burgundy winged out and blended in the crease.

YSL Boréal Palette Arctic Night
Wearing YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night

I applied these eyeshadows on top of a glitter primer by LA Splash, but I’m still not entirely happy with the result. I have to work very hard to build the colour intensity of these eyeshadows. I do like how the eyeshadows work together, as all the eyeshadows marry well with each other. YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night is a beautifully coordinated eyeshadow palette, but some elbow grease is required if vivid colour is what you’re after.

YSL Boréal Palette Arctic Night
Wearing YSL Boréal Palette in Arctic Night

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  • The color combo is something I would definitely not go after, but I LOVE what you did with the quad! Too bad the colors aren’t intense enough. If they swatch like this wet, I shudder to imagine what they look like dry…

    • Thanks Sunny! Yeah, they look like… sparkles… when dry. 🙁

  • This looks gorgeous on you! I have blue eyes and find that I can’t do too much color (and when I do stray from taupe/brown it’s usually muted purples) but this post made me wish I could! Brown-eyed girls have so much more versatility with their eye makeup and I am jealous;)

  • Thanks for the review, Arianne. Now I know – skip! I can’t deal with sheer shadows that have to be packed on. Not worth it! As you say, there are cheaper ones that go on much more easily.

  • Not colors I’d typically wear but I do love the look you created. The swatches look so sheer though, especially because this texture/finish usually gives intense color payoff.

  • Wow Ari, stunning!

  • That is so weird Arianne. My palette is not sheer at all? I have to I check but I’m pretty sure when I reviewed it I only even did dry swatches. I’ve used this palette a lot. I really love using it wet and get really amazing colour payoff. I even used it for my holiday look for Makeup Wars. I think the look you did is lovely. Sorry your palette didn’t work out. 🙁

  • I love the look you put together with these colors, but the palette itself isn’t really calling out to me. I see the whole Northern Lights influence though 🙂

  • Love the look you created, I love blue but not something I can pull off (i’m too boring lol)