I Got a Cheap Haircut and I Liked It: Goa Beauty Hair Salon at Koreatown, Toronto

I’m terrible at hair. I rarely ever style my hair, and get my hair cut maybe twice a year. There comes a time when a hair trim is needed on an emergency basis, like “I need to get my hair trimmed today or I might pull a Britney Spears tomorrow” kinda emergency.

But here’s the thing: many hair salons in Toronto charge $50+ for a cut, and walk-ins aren’t welcome. What’s a girl to do? Last week I walked into Goa Beauty Hair Salon (wash+cuts start at $25) at Koreatown and got my hair a much-needed trim. I want to write a review to tell you all: don’t be afraid to try out a cheap hair salon!

A hair trim is the least risky cut one could ever get, but my trim is great! I asked for no layers as they are horrible for my straight not-so-thick hair, and my hair guy delivered. I asked him to soften the bottom so it doesn’t look like someone just took shears across my hair in one go. After he showed me my hair, I requested that he soften it a bit more and he flat out refused. I really am glad that he did, too. I’m totally happy with it.

Haircut Goa

This is the second time I’ve been to Goa for a haircut, and you might be thinking “it’s just a trim, anyway. I can trim my own hair.” My first haircut at Goa is my bold blunt bangs seen here. I’m confident to say they’re pretty good. If you are going for anything more than a trim, please do yourself a favour and bring a photo or two. Most of the hair stylists do not speak much English but they can work the scissors well. There is one stylist named Hannah who speaks English fluently and cuts hair beautifully. I think I will book with her next time.

After the cut, my hair stylist didn’t ask how I liked my hair styled, and just flat ironed my hair stick straight (eek!). It’s not how I’d style my hair personally, and I noticed that hair styling in the salon is more in line with Asian hair trends rather than North American trends. I don’t mind so much as styling is something I can do myself, but it’s something to keep in mind: if you hate your haircut, try styling it yourself and you might change your mind!

Do I recommend Goa Beauty Hair Salon? Absolutely. As someone who refuses to pay $50 for a simple hair trim, I love this inexpensive hair salon. Bring inspiration photos if you are worried, and they are sure to deliver the cut you want. 🙂

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  • Looks pretty great to me, Arianne! I haven’t paid for a professional haircut in years – which is really cheap of me since I only get it cut twice a year anyway lol – but even with a salon/cut like this I’d probably avoid with my crazy curls. I do it myself now, but need a little brush up on my actual style…I think I’m starting to get triangle-head again :S

    • Thanks Latoya! I’m so jealous of you girls who can DIY your haircuts though. I am scared. The one time I put scissors near my head were eyebrow trimmers, and that was a disaster. Hahahaha!

  • It looks great!

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Looking good! I’m too scared to go to a “cheap” place especially an Asian one b/c of my curly hair!

  • OMG – I about peed my pants with the Britney Spears reference!!! You are too funny. But the inexpensive hair cut looks ah-mazing!!!!

  • Becca

    I just moved to Etobicoke last summer, and the first haircut I got was such a disaster! It’s honestly the worst I’ve ever had in my life… way too short, and full of uneven, un-blended layers. The worst part is that the salon I went to charges $70, and like an idiot, I paid it (and even left a tip! Sigh…). I find most hair stylists are left baffled by my fine, not-quite-straight but not-quite-wavy hair. Do you think they could work with it at Goa?

    • Hi Becca, I suggest you call ahead and ask for Hannah so that you can explain your hair issues to her. I can’t recommend a non-native English speaker as you probably have a specific issue with your hair. Good luck!