Lipstick Bandits: Vampy Lips

I looooove this round of the Lipstick Bandits collaborations, as I myself adore a good vampy lip. I could’ve picked a few different lip products for this look, but there is one lipstick that has blown me away in terms of pigment, look and longevity. MAKE UP FOR EVER 9 Burgundy Aqua Rouge ($27) is my pick and you’ll see why!

MAKE UP FOR EVER 9 Burgundy Aqua Rouge

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge is a magical two-step liquid lipstick formula. One end contains opaque matte colour with a doe foot applicator, and the other has a short stiff brush applicator for the gloss. A glossy long-wearing lip product sounds contradictory, right? But this stuff lasts and lasts! Unless you eat a greasy, juicy burger (which I did!) you wouldn’t need to touch up your lip colour. And even then, my lip line stayed perfectly crisp, and I only had to touch up inside the lip lines.

MAKE UP FOR EVER 9 Burgundy Aqua Rouge

I love that 9 Burgundy has no hint of berry, and instead leans more deep blood red. That, to me, is the perfect definition of a vampy lipstick. You would never believe this is a swipe-and-go shade because it is dark and glossy, until you try it yourself. 😉

Wearing MAKE UP FOR EVER 9 Burgundy Aqua Rouge

Wearing MAKE UP FOR EVER 9 Burgundy Aqua Rouge

With Scherbie!
Also wearing: Chanel Notorious as face contour, MUFE Brown-Black Eyebrow Corrector, shu uemura prestigious bordeaux (rosy brown eyeshadow), shu uemura orange & pistachio (darkest 2 shades)

Read on to read about the other Lipstick Bandits’ vampy lipstick picks.

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  • Arianne that makeup look is SHARP! (Also, do I need Prestigious Bordeaux? T_T)

    • Prestigious Bordeaux – YES. 🙂

  • Mariella D

    Wow, beautiful!

  • Lily

    I have been eyeing this Burgundy and your post made up my mind even though I dislike the SAs there. You look va va voom!

    • Thanks so much Lily! I have been wearing this shade for the entire month and it truly is in my top 3 lipsticks. 🙂

  • Mai Nguyen

    Love everything the eyes and lips combo you did here is perfect! Are you wearing any blush at all? Or is the Chanel Notorious that good, that you don’t need any? I always need some blush when sporting darker lips.

    • No blush Mai. 🙂 I don’t think it’s Notorious, really (because I am using it as a contour here) but it’s my darker skin tone that allows me to wear dark lips without blush.

  • I seriously think I need this one! SO FRICKKING GORGEOUS, Arianne! And I <3 Scherbie, but you know that 😉

    • Eee thanks Sunny! This is so amazing it blew all other long wearing lipsticks out of the water!

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    So pretty Geekz!! Love that shade on you!

  • Oh, oh, perfect! Especially with your hair swept up like that.

  • That I call a sultry berry red! you have the perfect lip shape, I bet all colours look gorgeous on you.

    • Thanks Claire! 🙂 Most colours work well because of my skin tone, but I can’t pull of concealer lips 😛

  • Oh crap. I thought Call it Beauty’s MAC Media was going to be my holiday lip color. And then you had to go all Burgundy Aqua Rouge on me. Sigh. I do love this shade. Did you use the applicator from the tube or a lip brush to make the edge so precise?

    • I used the doe foot applicator. You have to really take your time with this one (and make sure to build in very light layers, otherwise you might goop it on. It will probably stain a lip brush to eternity, but it will be easier for sure.

  • Okay, that’s it — I have to go swatch some MUFE Aqua Rouges. You girls all make them sound so divine, and this shade in particular looks absolutely stunning!

    (Plus, can I just say: I am LOVING what Notorious has been doing to your already-ridiculously-sculpted face. ♥ )

    • Hi Rae! I know, I want to get the entire line, now.

      I am crazy about Notorious. It’s just so good.

  • So chic! So French!

  • JessicaGettingCheeky

    !. LMAO at Scherbie’s face. She always look so startled, as though you’ve just grabbed her out of the blue.

    2. Do you find that this is terribly drying? I’ve been intrigued by this formula for some time, but products of this style tend to torture my lips a bit.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Hahaha I think she can’t breathe because I’m carrying her with one hand and she is so heavy now! LOL

      I think this is very comfortable, actually! The gloss gives it a comfy lipgloss feeling, without being goopy. 🙂 I’d say this is the most comfortable long wearing liquid lipstick I’ve tried.

  • always love you in a bold lip. beautiful!

    • Thanks Kelly. 🙂 You rock a mean bold lip as well.

  • Ahahah, Scherbie! <3 Love that vampy lip on you Arianne! I think you pull it off perfectly. The glossyness is so pretty too! I've seen these mufe ls around and when I swatched them they seemed to last for ages!

    • Thanks Teri! 🙂 They do last and last (and last)!

  • Rocaille

    I like how this is more warm-toned, it compliments your skin perfectly! And… DIMPLEZ!

  • Eugenia

    Oooh-la-la! It’s such a gorgeous shade, and looks spectacular on you! This past September, I picked up #8 for my nephew’s wedding – but while I loved its “redness”, I think I would have preferred something like this. Another thing to add to my wish list…..!!

    • Hi Eugenia. 8 is a LOT brighter. Still totally gorgeous, but I also prefer this darker shade. More mysterious, or something. 😛

  • Oh Geekz, you are just too pretty for me to handle! Looks absolutely gorgeous on you, I’m now lemming this shade oof.

    P.S. Hi Scherbie!

    • Thanks MM! Scherbie purrs back.

  • callitbeauty


    Everything. I love EVERYTHING. *thud*

    • LOL *thud* Thanks Dani. 🙂

  • dowantmakeup

    This shade is stunning, so pretty and glossy! It looks amazing on you.

    • Thanks so much Angela. 🙂

  • Amy

    This look is just lovely!! Burgundy is gorge, especially with the eyeshadow. I haven’t been able to decide on a shade from the Aqua Rouge line, but you may have just convinced me that Burgundy is it.

  • Vanessa

    Whoa. This looks great on you!

    So far, you lipstick bandits are really knocking my socks off. 😉

  • Oh my goodness, I need this product! You’re right, it’s the perfect deep red with no berry tones. Reminds me of a non shimmer version of Chanel RAL Dragon.

  • Paris B

    Arianne, this looks so amazing! I went to the local counter to check these out, but I don’t remember seeing this one. I was after a bright red and it was out of stock, and the SA was being unpleasant so I left. Wish now, I hadn’t 😛

  • Wow this shade is stunning on you! It suits your skintone so well it almost looks… natural? So beautiful! I own it as well but it looks a lot more orange/brown on me sadly. I wish it looked on me what it looks like on you! 🙂

  • oooh what a red! looking good lady! 🙂

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  • FilipinaMacBarbie .

    I’m loving this color!! I’m going to have to try it out! Maganda!!