Just Arrived In Canada: Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes

Katy Perry is a girl after my own heart. She’s a self-proclaimed cat lady and she loves makeup. One thing Katy is known for are her big, bold lashes, and so it’s natural that she teamed up with Eylure to create custom lashes with varying degrees of fiiyyyreworks… I mean, drama.

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes ($7.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, London Drugs and Ebeauty.ca) come in four styles: Sweetie Pie, Oh, Honey!, Cool Kitty, and Oh, My!. Each pair contains a mini eyelash glue, an instruction and care sheet and a sticker with the name of the lashes. The glue works surprisingly well, but it comes with a wand applicator that is a bit cumbersome. I would’ve liked to see a squeeze tube version instead. The width of the lash bands are shorter than I am used to. I didn’t have to trim these bands at all to fit my eyes. That said I think these are great for those with small eyes, but I don’t know if it will work for those who require a wider lash band.

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes – Package Contents

Katy Perry by Eylure False Lashes in Sweetie Pie: “A dainty, natural hair lash that will discreetly add length and volume to your own lashes.” Short and sweet: these are SO short, you guys. You can barely tell I’m wearing them here. It’s a good pair for faux lash beginners and for my Asian girls with short, sparse lashes.

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Sweetie Pie

Wearing Katy Perry By Eylure Lashes in Sweetie Pie
Also wearing:  Benefit Feelin’ Dandy on cheeks, YSL Le Fuchsia on lips

Katy Perry by Eylure False Lashes in Oh, Honey!: “A flatteringly full lash, textured for a natural finish but with enough volume to take your lashes from fine to fab.” Oh, Honey! is wispy and totally flirty. This is a beautiful pair for brides for gorgeous eyes that pop, without looking over the top. Ooh hey, I am a rhyming, hooray! 🙂

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Oh, Honey!

Wearing Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Oh, Honey!

Keep reading to see Cool Kitty and Oh, My!.

Katy Perry by Eylure False Lashes in Cool Kitty: “Because they will make your eyes look amazing. Gorgeous framing with manicured tips, these lashes can be worn in the day to be daring or at night as the perfect finishing touch.” Katy Perry is a self-confessed cat lady, and her Cool Kitty lashes are the meowz! They are surprisingly natural looking with loads of volume and moderate length. This is a definite favourite for this cat lady. 🙂 *virtual high paws + head butts to Katy*

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Cool Kitty

Wearing Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Cool Kitty

Katy Perry by Eylure False Lashes in Oh, My!: “It is big and beautiful with a layered effect. All the texture you could want in a lash yet so wearable and really flattering. Be daring, go double effect.” These are totally crazy-town lashes that Katy Perry is known for. The band here is thicker and is so difficult to lay down flat, so make sure your glue is tacky before laying down on your own lashes. I’d probably wear this to work… just kidding. 😉 This one screams girls’ night out!

Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Oh, My!

Wearing Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes in Oh, My!

I already spotted these at my Shoppers Drug Mart store, so make sure you keep an eye out for them in your store. What do you think of the Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes? Which pair is your favourite? I really liked Oh, Honey! and Cool Kitty — they pumped enough volume and length to my own lashes. I love that there’s something for everyone in this small range. Whether you are shy or a big lash girl, you’ll definitely find something for you in Katy Perry by Eylure Lashes.

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  • Ooooh, you are so lucky! The Oh, Honey lashes are my absolute favourite, they were just so perfect! Sadly enough they seem to be very hard to find here all of a sudden, aargh! You’re going to love this line, it’s awesome!

    • Oh no that’s too bad Teri! 🙁 Can you find them online? Oh, Honey! really is a gorgeous pair. So flirty/romantic.

  • callitbeauty

    Oh, Honey! is lovely! I have some lashes from Nigel’s Beauty Emporium that look exactly like that one.

    As for Oh, My! — I’m glad to see that an Asian eye can handle all that lash. I bought some Ardell Double Up’s a while ago, but I haven’t used them yet coz I’m scared my eyes won’t be able to handle them. :p

    • Oh Dani, they were HEAVY. I think I have *just* enough lashes to hold them up. The Ardell Double Ups look soooo pretty I want them.

  • Toya

    Yea…I couldn’t get behind these at all! Oh, Honey! look excellent on you – in fact, they all do but Oh My!, which was the most ridiculous set of lashes I’d ever tried! The PR lady did NOT like my review – which, incidentally wasn’t that bad, it just wasn’t me raving over them. That in itself really turned me off these lashes, have to say…but you rock ’em well, Arianne!

    • Oh! I am going to check your blog now Toya. That sounds pretty awful!

  • Nessa

    I wouldn’t buy these myself.

    I have sparse, short, thin lashes too. But I really prefer my natural lashes because big lashes hide the shape of my eyes.

    It’s fun to try out different looks, but most of the time, I love your make-up mastery coupled with more natural lashes. You’re beautiful. 🙂

  • I wore false lashes for the first time today as a trial for a cocktail party Saturday. It’s high time I got on board with glamourous lashes! I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love and am itching to buy more. Do I spy a clear band on Katy’s? Fantastic! And don’t ask me why, but the Oh, My! lashes make me think of a real-life Betty Boop. Hmm.

  • Oh, Honey! is probably my favorite, but Cool Kitty is a close second! After reading this post, it reminded me that I have a few pairs of Oh, Honey! SOMEWHERE around here…I think :/ I bought them after Teri said they were her favorite for snipping to create her own accent lashes! Now must go find them…

  • Last one is CRAAAAY! Haha I think you should totally wear it to work ;).

  • Jelena Zivanovic

    Wow I love them, the don’t look over-fake at all! Hmmmm I think I know what my next purchase will be…;)

  • Want! All look gorgeous n you, naturally.

  • BooBooNinja

    I’m tempted to get Oh Honey! for tonight’s Christmas party. 🙂
    Does the lash glue dry clear? I’m a total false lash newbie with black lashes.

  • Do you know of any professional beauty supply stores that carry these?? I’m adding make-up to my service menu very soon and I’d really like to offer these!

    • They are only in Shoppers and eBeauty.ca, according to the press release!