Inspired By Victoria’s Secret Glowing & Angelic Makeup

When it comes to makeup looks, I appear to be experimental here on the blog (check out all my looks here). However, on a day-to-day basis, I actually wear the same simple makeup. I wear a toned down version of this Victoria’s Secret runway look — from 2008, I think, but I could be wrong. I have been wearing a lot of the same products: MAKE UP FOR EVER #2 Sculpting Kit to contour, MAC Supercontinental Blush on the cheeks, a mix of Le Métier de Beauté Crème Caramel Lip Creme and Revlon Sunbaked Colorburst Lip Gloss.

The Victoria’s Secret look is actually very easy to do. It’s a simple formula, really: contoured cheeks, glowing bronzed skin, glossy pink lips, and a pearly champagne highlight on the eyes. Follow along to see how I created this look.

Get the Look

For the eyes, fill in the eyebrows with a taupe grey eyeshadow (MAC Brun and Coquette). Highlight the brows and inner corners with a pearly champagne (from CARGO Vienna quad). Apply a pearly beige (MAC All That Glitters) all over the lid. Use a matte taupe (MAC Coquette) to lightly contour the crease with a fluffy blending brush (MAC 217). Take the same eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush and run it along the lower lash line. Next, tap the fluffy blending brush lightly into a matte reddish brown (Mary Kay Sienna / review) and apply to the outer V and blend well. Line the lower lash line with the same eyeshadow.

Apply a thin winged eyeliner on the top lash line (Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner), and then apply mascara. I opted to wear a natural set of false lashes (Ardell 109) to pump up the flirt factor. 😉

For the skin, after an illuminating primer (Laura Mercier Radiance Primer / review), foundation and concealer, brush on bronzer (Guerlain 03 Brunettes Terracotta Lightreview) on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Sculpt the cheeks and temples with a contour powder (MAKE UP FOR EVER #2 Sculpting Kit).  Apply a shimmery highlight on the apples of the cheeks (MAC Pro Gold Studio Finish Face Powder / review). Then I layered a glowing pink blush (MAC Supercontinental / review) on the apples of the cheeks.

For the lips, I smoosh together a brownish pink lipgloss (Revlon Sunbaked) and a golden gloss (Le Métier de Beauté Crème Caramel).

Keep reading to see more pictures!

More Pictures!

Go forth, angel, and work that dreamy makeup. 🙂 When you find yourself feeling a little under the weather, this makeup look is a great way to fake good health. 😉

P.S. Ladies and gents, I need your help! What do you do when you find yourself in a makeup rut? I think I’m gonna keep doing this until I find myself in the mood to play again. Do you follow anyone on Pinterest who is full of makeup inspirations? Please send me their links. 🙂

  • So gorgeous and glowing! Love it 🙂 Honestly when I’m in a makeup rut and can’t get inspired… I don’t force it. I let it pass, because it’s just a phase. Try to do other things that get you excited about makeup, like try a new technique or look at runway photos. If you’re not feeling it… you’re not feeling it. You’ll get inspired when a big collection comes out though and your mind races trying to figure out all the things you can do with it!

    • Thanks so much Jessica. You’re right. I’ll just let it pass.

  • Naturally gorgeous. You look lovely! In a makeup rut, I focus more on mastering technique than on finding a new look. I’ll play around with different brushes or attempt contouring in a new way. Maybe my liner skills could be improved. Or, there’s a shade that just hasn’t worked so I’ll spend a week trying to find the right way to wear it. Makeup ruts are good because they almost always mean inspiration en masse is soon to follow.

    • Thanks Alison for the tips. Great ideas!

  • Work those cheekz! So pretty, Geekz 🙂 I want to copy

  • Wow Arianne, you look like a bronzed beauty here! Love it! I love the winged eyeliner on you, pretty!! Hmm, when I’m in a make-up rut I don’t really do anything about it because the more I’m stressed about it the longer it takes!

    • Thank you Teri. 🙂 That’s what everyone is saying. I’m just gonna let it pass!

  • This look is SO natural and so pretty on you, Arianne! I really have to learn how to apply falsies fast, because they add so much to the look!

    When I’m in a makeup rut I kinda wait for it to pass. A couple of weeks ago I got SO sick of seeing my own face because I was trying to do FOTDs too often, and I just felt I wasn’t bringing anything new on the table. I went makeup free for a couple of days and stopped trying to take pictures of myself. In the meantime I kept reading blogs and watching some Youtube tutorials, and it passed! Hope yours will pass soon too 🙂

    • Yes I just love how much prettier I look with falsies on. 🙂 Thanks Sunny!

  • Gorgeous Geekz! Gorgeous! I love the eye look especially. I want to try!

    • Try it Larie! 🙂 I am really liking this make under.

  • Vanessa

    Arianne, you’re more beautiful than those VS models.

    And your make-up is better, too 🙂

    Thanks for posting.

    • Aw thanks so much Vanessa!

  • Love it Geekz! You look wonderful! I think wearing more minimal makeup for everyday is just practical and a necessity really. I know myself when I worked, i just didn’t have the time to do elaborate makeup on a daily basis. For me, the best makeup is makeup that makes me look like a better version of me.

    • Thanks Tracy! 🙂 Totally a necessity. That’s why it’s so important to find the perfect products that work for you everyday.

  • Pretty as always~!

  • I like this look! I have some products I need to try that would be perfect for something like this! 🙂 maybe i’ll wake up with enough time to do it tomorrow, lol!

    • Did you do it, Joyce? 🙂

      • Slept way too long! (no surprise there lol!) Will try it this weekend though! I did like… half this look today though! haha

  • Prazzie

    When I’m in a rut, I love the tutorials on the Polish website Snobka (under the Makijaż section). Very inspiring stuff.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Prazzie. 🙂

  • Lookin’ angelic & flawless (as always), Arianne!

    • Thanks so much Waffle. 🙂

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  • You are so pretty, Arianne! Great look!

  • Liz

    I LOVE this look! Going to copy it tomorrow because it’s going to be ONE OF THEM DAYS.

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  • BooBooNinja

    This is a favourite look of mine and I’ve pinned. I’ll try it at home tonight… if I’m not playing with the new kitty, that is. 🙂
    By the way, what’s your reason for using a slightly warm brown for the crease, rather than a cooler brown? I’m NC20/25, I think. Yellow undertones. Also, does the Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner hold up well under rainy conditions? I’m debating between trying this or the Physicians Formula eyeliner + serum. My eyes get watery when I’m tired and it rains a lot here.

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