The Looks of Fall 2012

Fall is a season for all makeup lovers.  Whether it’s an emphasis on the eyes or the lips (or sometimes, both), there’s a little something for everyone.  I have been anti-crackle polish since day 1, but my oh my — does the Dior khaki shatter polish look good or what?  From the classic smokey eye and berry lips from Chanel and Laura Mercier, to the look of a typical YSL girl (lots of eyeshadow and blush!), to super daring shu uemura and NARS, fall 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting season for makeup.  Oh, and can we talk about Revlon Shanghai Collection by Gucci Westman?  I’m telling you now… it is going to blow you away (available in September, reviews/swatches to come).

  • Loving the makeup on Emma Stone! (I think I’m gonna find a redhead for my fashion & photography final project)

    Ooh, I’m also really loving the eye makeup in the LM and Chanel visuals!

    • OMG Dani, I hope you find a redhead. 🙂 That sounds exciting. When is your final project due?

  • I love that you’ve aggregated all the looks from these different brands… it really makes seeing the top trends so much easier and gives me an idea of what I want my “Fall Face” to be.

    • You’re welcome Sarah! 🙂 Which face are you gravitating towards the most? I really quite like the Laura Mercier one. It’s um, what’s the word? Mysterious.

  • I’m going to the Dior Golden Jungle launch here in Taipei tomorrow, and I already know I’ll probably fail to resist the temptation!

  • ~sigh~ Fall is my favorite! I love Fall anyway but the makeup is always gorg 😀 I love that you put these visuals together at once too Arianne – definitely have some FOTD’s cooking up in my lil beauty brain! I hadn’t heard anything about Revlon’s collection but I’m eagerly awaiting your post now! And how amazing is the outfit she’s wearing there (THAT’S Emma Stone!?!) – the rich purple and blue hues in that silky fabric are KILLING me!

  • I like Nars’ campaign, he’s so edgy and to me he can do no wrong! I also am loving the Armani one, very sultry and definitely something I wear a lot already (and will wear even more in fall).

    I’m on a very strict spending budget so I won’t be buying makeup in quite some time, but these pics are good for inspiration 🙂

  • Me too! I have NEVER seen the appeal of those crackle/shatter polishes. I always thought it was kinda gimmicky and weird looking. Then I saw the Dior one on Pixiwoo today and wow–it looks AWESOME

  • I’m such a sucker for Shu Uemura. Love how you line up all the ads together so we can visually pit each brand’s offering against another.

  • S T U N N I N G.

  • “@FuckYesEmma: EENJmkleoOPLW-wp;axzcsxzR%^T&£H*EJOKWsAJUHWUA #dead” So did I *-*

  • Are you anticipating fall like we are? Here’s a peek of coming Fall 2012 makeup looks

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