YSL Forever Youth Liberator 30 Day Challenge: Day 12… The End.

So sad, you guys! It’s over. 🙁

Mama Geeks got a bad reaction from the YSL Forever Youth Liberator creams. We think the serum was much too potent for her skin. A little background on mom’s skin: I usually give her new anti-aging products to try out, and we could never predict how her skin is going to react.

She has dry skin that is prone to redness and sensitivity. After a few days of using the range, she got itchy rashes on her cheeks. Not fun!

Anyways, we are bowing out from the experiment now. We’d like to thank YSL for letting us have a few days of fun with the experiment, even though it didn’t turn out so well for mom! If you’re curious about how it works on other bloggers that are participating, you can follow their progress on their blogs:

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  • Joy

    Oh no! Poor Mama Geek! I hope her skin will get back to normal soon 🙁 What products does she usually use that don’t give her a reaction? More all natural products? And thanks for the shout-out! xo

    • Hi Joy! I gave her Weleda’s Almond Oil which works amazingly for her. Also she uses a lot of Clinique. I think that trying the whole range in one go was just too much for her skin to handle.

  • Jamilla Camel

    Thanks for the warning!

  • I’m sorry to hear about Mama Geek’s reaction! 🙁 That’s awful.

    • Yeah. 🙁 She’s a trooper though, and she has products I gave her to counteract bad skin reactions.

  • Oh no! Poor Mama Geekz!! I hope she’s ok! Give her HUGZ for me! 🙂

    • She’s okay last time I saw her. 🙂 She stopped it after about 5 days.