Giorgio Armani Summer 2012: Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette, Gloss d’Armani 512 Red Andradite Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Giorgio Armani Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette, Gloss d’Armani in 512 Red Andradite

Nothing like hot weather to get me excited about summer makeup collections again. 🙂  Giorgio Armani’s inspiration for this collection is the Mediterranean sea, mirroring its turquoise to deep blue hues in the collection’s limited edition Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Écailles ($150 / luxury edition, $70 / classic edition).  The luxury edition comes with this gloooooorious mother of pearl packaging.  No one does luxury packaging like Giorgio Armani in my opinion.

Giorgio Armani Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette

The palette consists of deep teal, royal blue, turquoise and white shades.  The deeper shades have a satin-y finish that do not swatch very well on my arms, but translate much better when applied on my eyes.  Your mileage may vary depending on whether you wear eyeshadow primer or not (I always do).  They do layer well though, so keep that in mind.  The pearly turquoise shade brings the best pigmentation and smoothness.  The pearly white shade is just awful: chunky and chalky with all sort of fallout problems.

Giorgio Armani Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette

I really really love how the three sea shades play with each other though.  They layer beautifully, creating depth and bringing out the nuances in each shade.  They blend into each other seamlessly, making this palette so easy and fool-proof.  If you, like me, are a fan of blues and teals, this is a quad that you shouldn’t miss!

Giorgio Armani Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette Swatches

Here we have a Gloss d’Armani in 512 Red Andradite ($38).  You’ll know from this review how much I adore my Gloss d’Armanis).  512 Red Andradite is an interesting shade; light red berry isn’t a typical summer shade, more of a fall shade perhaps. To me, it is a late summer night shade.  It applies semi-sheerly on the lips, darkening my natural lip colour.

Giorgio Armani Gloss d’Armani in 512 Red Andradite

Again, I can’t say enough good things about the formula: non-sticky but stays for a long time.  It thickens on the lips slightly after it is applied, smoothing out lip lines and giving the illusion of plump lips.  I am in love with it.

Giorgio Armani Gloss d’Armani in 512 Red Andradite Swatch

Wearing Giorgio Armani Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette, Gloss d’Armani in 512 Red Andradite

Wearing Giorgio Armani Luxury Edition Écailles Eye Palette, Gloss d’Armani in 512 Red Andradite

If pressed to choose between the two, I’d say you can’t go wrong with the Gloss d’Armani.  One bad shade in a good eyeshadow quad ruins it for me, but the three remaining shades are gorgeous.  What do you think?  Have you picked up anything from the collection?  Make sure to check out the new Eyes To Kill eyeshadows ($42 each) from this collection over at Bloomin’ Beauty.  The entire collection is now available in Holt Renfrew stores across Canada.

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  • Love this look! I’m on a strict no-buy plan because I have to move to TO in a couple of months, but I’m a huge sucker for gorgeous packaging. This goes RIGHT to my weak spot. Damn you, Giorgio!

    • I know, Soha. I can’t resist Giorgio Armani either. 🙂

  • So pretty! I like the shape of your eye look. And your earrings!!!

  • You really make that quad look fantastic, especially considering how sheerly it swatches. I think pigmentation is a tricky thing to evaluate subjectively. We all want shadows that apply smoothly, but depth of pigment is a more personal preference. Intense payoff can be trickier to work with in some ways.

    That said, I am flabbergasted by the US/Canada price difference. The other day I was bitching about the 10$ difference for the Eyes to Kill – but 150$ versus 95$???? *indignant flail*

    • WAH, I know what you mean Maggie! 🙁 I don’t know where they get their US-Canadian $ converter, because it’s totally broken.

  • Every time I see a review of this eyeshadow palette, I fall in love and get to thinking that I absolutely need it. But in reality, I would probably only buy it to put it on my vanity and gaze adoringly at it from time to time. I don’t wear a lot of blue eyeshadow…but I do love the satiny finish of these! I am, however, fully planning on purchasing one of the Gloss d’Armanis. I wouldn’t have chosen Red Andradite usually, but it’s so sheer (in a good way) and pretty on you!!! Want!

    • Hey Becca! Trust me, you will LOVE the Gloss d’Armanis. I totally plan on getting myself more of these. Maybe a coral or a peach!

  • LOVE that blue shiny cat eye shape on you! I’m loving teals and navy at the moment. I will check this out for sure!

    • Mrow! 🙂 Thanks Tracy! We love the blues.

  • I’m really on the fence with this one! The thing is I never ever wear blues, so I shouldn’t even look at it. Also, a bad shade in a quad makes me really sad, especially at this price point I should be able to confidently look away. However, you wear it SO well that I’m really confused now lol

    I have recently tried my first Gloss d’Armani and I’m impressed! I have it in 401, which is a gorgeous raspberry color. I’ll review it soon 🙂

    • Yay I’ll look out for your review. 🙂

  • Love the look, love the gloss, love the packaging… LOVELOVELOVE!

    • Thank you Dani! Love back. 🙂

  • I’m simply drooling over the packaging! If I were more of a blue wearer I’d spring for it, but I just can’t justify the price tag given the fact that I’d never wear the shadows within.

    You look stunning in blue! *jealous flail*
    ♥ Jessica

    • LOL at your jealous flail Jessica! Thank you. 🙂 Teals and blues are pretty seasonal for me… I only really wear them when it’s hot.

  • This is so pretty! I love the look you created. It’s perfect for summer <3

  • The palette looks gorgeous on you! I never considered the quads but got all four ETK shadows and all four Gloss d’Armanis and I’m so happy with them! Love this collection and I’m loving Armani more and more. They do seem more like fall shades but I find myself just wearing what I like when I like so I will get use out of them year round!

  • Danielle

    Oh my Gorgeous!!! Geekz! This is perfection on you, seriously. And the shout out? *tips hat*

  • Check out @TheGlitterGeek review on @armani Summer 2012 collection. Loving the eye makeup she did on herself!