Yves Saint Laurent Summer Collection 2012

Because I cannot keep this kind of information to myself any longer while I try to find time to photograph and swatch this gorgeous collection, here are some promo and product photos to whet your healthy beauty appetite. 🙂  Real product photos, reviews and swatches to come.

Terre Saharienne Collector — $60 (Limited Edition)

“I remember Harbor Island in the Bahamas where the sand is pink and another island in Mexico where it is gold.  The light from these sands reflected on the skin is so sublime that these islands have become favorite spots for fashion shoots.  This is the light that inspired me to create the Terre Saharienne shades.”  — Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent

  • Nº 1 — Tanned (Iridescent light, golden brown)
  • Nº 2 — Sunkissed (Satiny light, rosy apricot)

Pure Chromatics — $74 (New Shades)

  • Nº 7
  • Nº 8
  • Nº 9

Dessin Du Regard Waterproof — $30 (New Shades)

  • Nº 8 — Luminescent Gold
  • Nº 9 — Azure Blue

Mascara Volume Effets Faux Cils Waterproof — $36 (New Shade)

  • Nº 4 — Majorelle Blue

Golden Gloss — $34 (New Shades)

  • Nº 51 — Golden Shell
  • Nº 52 — Golden Pebble
  • Nº 53 — Golden Pearl
  • Nº 54 — Golden Sand

La Laque Couture — $27 (New Shades)

  • Nº 4 — Corail Colisée
  • Nº 21 — Taupe Retro
  • Nº 22 — Beige Léger

Terre Saharienne in Nº 1 — Tanned

Terre Saharienne in Nº 2 — Sunkissed

Pure Chromatics in Nº 7

Pure Chromatics in Nº 8

Pure Chromatics in Nº 9

Dessin du Regard Waterproof in Nº 8 — Luminescent Gold and Nº 9 — Azure Blue

Mascara Volume Effets Faux Cils Waterproof in Nº 4 — Majorelle Blue

Golden Gloss in Nº 51, 52, 53, 54

The Yves Saint Laurent Summer Collection 2012 is available in May 2012 at Holt Renfrew, selected Bay, Murale & Sephora boutiques.

Anything pretty you wanna bring home?  I need that Pure Chromatics in No 9… Mmm taupes.


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  • Wow. Gorgeous! RT @TheGlitterGeek: Three words: taupe eyeshadow quad. Oh yes! –> @YSL Summer Collection 2012 http://t.co/kbttdXc4

  • Never mind the taupes-COBALT BLUE MASCARA. Just like I had in the 80s!! Oh, how I miss it! 🙂

    • Bahahaha Tracy! Work that cobalt blue mascara. I expect you to break out the blue eyeshadow, too.

  • Ooh, Sunkissed is on my wish list! I have a Terre Saharienne and I love it; so buttery smooth and looks amazing on the skin.

    • Dani! Prepare for swatches. LOL.

  • Haha funny, I was looking at the Pure Chromatics in 09 too! I haven’t actually found a way to work with taupe, but I really like the idea so I’m trying hard! Can’t wait to see what you think about this collection!

    • How come you haven’t found a way to make taupe work for you, Sunny? I like to use it with icy pinks to highlight (like Urban Decay Virgin). Let me know how I can help!

      • I have no idea, Arianne! I own the middle shade of NYX Rock and Roll, which is supposed to be a good dupe of MAC Satin Taupe as well as Shale (which is taupe-y I guess?), but both make me look tired and dull. Maybe I should pair them with a warmer, shimmery color to brighten them up? Thanks for the tip by the way! xx

        • Hmm… try a warm pink, maybe? MAC Expensive Pink would work. I could try it out for ya. 😉

          • Oooo Arianne you’re soooo nice! Do you think All That Glitters might work? Like All that Glitters in the inner half and Shale on the outer? I need to try this out some time!

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