Toronto: This Earth Day Weekend, Be Good to the Earth and Go Shopping at Pure + simple!

If you love to shop at Pure + simple as much as I do, then you don’t want to miss their Earth Day weekend specials on April 20 – 22 in all spa locations!

Ditch Your Car and Receive 15% Discount

Get your pretty self to the store by walking, taking public transit, or bicycling and get 15% off on your entire purchase. You must show your transit pass, TTC transfers, bike helmets to get the discount. And if you took your walking shoes out for the day, the discount will be based on an honour system. Don’t even try to explain that those five-inch heels are your “walking shoes.” 😉

Double Your Credits with the Bottle Reuse Program

Do you have a bunch of Pure + simple bottle empties lying around? Instead of getting $1 credit, each glass bottle and Martina Gebhardt porcelain jar returned gets you $2 towards your next Pure + simple brand product.  If you’re like me and have built your own mini Pure + simple store on your vanity (holla at your girl!), then you might even get your next purchase for free!

My empties = $10 off!  YES!!!

Combine the Specials, Save More!

Sounds awesome, right?  What’s even more amazing is that these specials can be combined, which means you can save more $$$ while being an angel to Mother Earth. 🙂

I really appreciate what Kristen Ma, co-founder of Pure + simple is doing for the good of the environment: “As a small, local company, we believe that every little bit counts and this is the message we are trying to convey.”  Not only because of their incredibly effective, all-natural products, I am proud to support the brand for its eco-friendliness.

Are you going to shop on Earth Day weekend, April 20 – 22?  I am planning to bike and take my empties for a new big bottle of my favourite day moisturizer, Pure + Simple Skin Drink.

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  • Doris

    Thanks for the post! I am going to make sure to visit the store Earth day weekend