I’m Not Lazy, I’m Efficient: Weleda One-Step Cleanser and Toner Review

Here’s the thing: my skincare regimen takes too long. Cleanser. Toner. Serum. Moisturizer. Oil. Sunscreen. When you’re running late in the morning, that adds up.

When I end up sleeping in because of a late night Sherlock marathon, I really need to streamline my skincare routine.  Recently, I have been loving how easy and quick Weleda One-Step Cleanser & Toner ($24) takes care of cleansing and prepping my skin for my daily lotions and potions.

As the newest member of the gentle cleansing line, the 2-in-1 formula is what you get if the Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Gentle Refining Toner had a baby. At night, after taking off my eye makeup, I moisten a cotton pad with it and run that all over my face. It’s not recommended for the eye area, but I quickly do it anyway (live on the edge, babe!) with my eyes closed. Then I rinse that off with water.

You don’t get any sudsing action with this cleanser. It looks and feels watery like milk. But it is effective. On heavy makeup days, I use it as my second cleanser and it doesn’t dry out my skin. On normal makeup days this has become my cleanser of choice. It leaves my skin clean and hydrated, and takes off the last bits of eye makeup left behind by makeup remover. This is a great cleanser for those with normal to combination skin.

Weleda One-Step Cleanser & Toner is available online; Whole Foods Market; natural independent health food stores; Planet Organic Market; Nature’s Fare; Noah’s Natural Foods and Rexall Pharma Plus stores.

Now that you’ve heard what I think, would you like to try it for yourself?

Giveaway (Canada Only)

You have a chance to win a huge prize pack containing a 1-year supply of the Weleda One-Step Cleanser & Toner PLUS a Weleda facial care collection best suited to your skin-care needs.  You can pick one of the following:

  • Almond Soothing Facial Care: for sensitive skin
  • Iris Hydrating Facial Care: for moisturizing and balancing very dry to normal to combination skins
  • Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care: for skin that’s experiencing its first lines
  • Pomegranate Firming Facial Care: for mature skin

All you have to do is answer the following questions in a comment:

What do you do to save time in your busy day? And what do you do with that free time?

Don’t forget to mention your chosen Weleda skincare line in your comment.  After you have commented, for additional entries, you can tweet about the contest once daily.

Contest ends on Saturday, April 21 at 12:01 AM Eastern Time.

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  • Dreena

    To save time in my day, I make lunch the night before for my son and also set the breakfast table. It gives me a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee the next morning and read the online news without feeling so rushed.
    If I win, I’d love the Weleda Wild Rose line.
    Thanks + Cheers.

  • jen

    I don’t shower and I don’t put on make up if I have a busy day. What do I do with the free time? Sleep. Yeah, I’m gross 😛

    I’d love to try the Iris Hydrating Facial Care collection.

  • ShannoninBC

    I pack lunches and prepare the dog food bowls the night before so I can treadmill in the morning without having to get up even earlier! Would love to try Almond Soothing Facial Care line. Good luck everyone 🙂

  • To save time, every other day I take a body shower and make sure not to get my hair wet – then use dry shampoo to keep my mane looking fresh. With time I save from not having to blow dry, I’ll try to whip up a good breakfast but occasionally I just get a few extra “Zzz”s.

    I would love the Iris Hydrating Facial Care.

  • Valerie C.

    I do a few things to save time….shower in the evening to help my a.m. routine, multi-use products like primer with spf, lip crayons and bronzer as eye shadow etc… With the time I save, I get out the door on time 🙂 I’m soooo slow in the morning lol

  • ooh, this looks interesting! It’s a milky cleansing water. I’m definitely curious–may have to check this out if I can find it at my nearest Whole Foods. Probably would’ve better suited my oily skin for winter though. For spring and summer, I’ve been using Caudalie’s Cleansing Water and I am in love with it!

  • Andrea B.

    To save time on a busy day, I bathe the night before and do my hair the following morning. I then have time to do all of my chores and run my errands.

    I think my skin would most be suited towards the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care line.

    Thanks for the opportunity at this amazing giveaway!

  • Rebby

    To save time in the mornings I will sometimes only use eyeliner mascara and some gloss. It`s a quick and easy makeup routine in a pinch! I spend my free time reading or enjoying the outdoors!

    I would love to try the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care!
    Thank you!

  • Sophia

    When I make dinner at night, I usually make enough so that I have leftovers for a lunch or two. And with that free time, I try to catch up on my sleep!

    I would like to try the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care.

  • BooBooNinja

    To save time, I make my lunch the night before. It gives me an extra couple hits of the snooze button on my alarm clock. 🙂
    I’d most like to try the Iris Hydrating Facial Care cleanser.

  • Innnnnnnnnnnnnnteresting. On a busy day? =w= I use a makeup wipe and then ew at the residue that my current neutrogena wipes leaves.

  • ada

    While the oatmeal is cooking in the microwave, I put the dishes away, chop my salad, and pack the kids’ snacks. I’d like to try the Iris line.

  • Glogirl

    I let my hair air dry to save time and with the saved time I have more time for the internet!
    I’d love to try the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care skincare line.

  • Marie-S.

    To save time, I prepare meals in advance and I can spend more time with my son.

    Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care

  • Connie

    To save time, I use a BB cream instead of foundation + moisturizer.

  • emma walpole

    I cheat too when it comes to find multi purpose skin care. With all that time i save, i spend it with my son or enjoying a cup of tea

  • Kaianne

    On a busy day, I sometimes save time by not eating? (That’s what it seems like.) But, truthfully, I’ll usually just grab food which will save me time from having to think something up, make sure I have all the ingredients, cook, and do dishes, etc. And I’m usually saving that time so that I can spend more time studying (which should really be more like “studying,” considering what I really wind up doing, instead.)

    Thanks for holding this giveaway!

  • Belinda McNabb

    I have a bit of spare time during the evening and I choose to sit at the computer, relax, check out facebook and enter a few contests

  • Julia

    To save time in the morning I’ll set up my morning tea – get the kettle ready, add my tea bag and sugar to the mug. Also, I try to set my alarm for 20 minutes before I actually need to be up in case I have a day where I want to sleep in a bit. If I don’t sleep in, I use the time to catch up on the newspapers I like to read.

    I would be interested in trying out the Almond Soothing line.

  • Bree

    To save time during the day, I set out clothes and make lunches the night before. I also pre set my coffee maker!

    Almond Soothing Facial Care

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  • Melinda

    To save time during the day, I use my slow cooker to prepare supper at least a couple of times a week. I use the time to read a book that I am enjoying at the time. Weleda Pomegranate Facial Care

  • Dilara

    To save myself time in the mornings, I pick out my outfit for the day the night before. I then use that extra time to eat breakfast; I’m not a morning person at all so I’d never eat breakfast if I had to actually wake up earlier for it!

  • Dilara

    Oops forgot to mention – I’d use the Almond Soothing Facial Care for sensitive skin

  • Kayla

    To save time in the morning I shower the night before and usually don’t wash my face in the morning; even though I know its so bad for me! And I always use that extra time to sleep in.

    I think my dry skin would love the Iris Hydrating Skin Care.

  • Vanessa

    I shower at night before bed to save time in the morning. With the extra time, I can sleep a few more minutes or do something special with my makeup/hair.
    I woud like to try the Iris Hydrating Facial Care.

  • Paula

    Complete a ” to do list” and remember to refer to it upon departure from place of employment
    Sleep is what I attempt to accomplish with free time

    ” Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care”
    Thank you for the giveaway

  • I save time by showering and getting lunches and backpacks ready to go at night. I also run errands right after I drop the kids off at school so I only make one car trip and then when I get home take some time to relax by listening to music while I clean.

    I would choose the Iris Hydrating Facial Care

  • Dena

    To save time in a busy day, I plan my outfit the night before, pre-pack my lunch and at the end of the day, I use double duty makeup remover wipes to remove makeup (they not only remove makeup, they even skin tone and moisturise!).
    I use the extra time to sleep in longer!
    I would really love to try the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care line.

  • I like Almond Soothing Facial Care for sensitive skin. I save time in my day by working out from home so I don’t have to drive to a gym. I like to play online in my free time.

  • With my new eleventy hundred hour-long commute, I’ve started doing my lipstick on the train. I’m on the train for an hour, so there’s no reason to put it on before I leave the house. And the BF makes us smoothies the night before so I have fresh juice for my train ride.

    I choose the Wild Rose stuff. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  • Oh gosh I wish I had more time in the day! With 3 little ones it’s really hard to do! I would have to say the only real alone time I ever get is late at night when everyone is fast asleep. I call this my “me time” I usually just go on the internet, catch up on e-mails, work on things I need to catch up on and even have a late night snack!

    The set I’d like to win most is the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Care.

  • I’d love to try the soothing Almond line !

    To save time when I have very busy days, I use a dry oil instead of moisturizer on my body, it takes a lot less time to apply & dry !

    I like to use the time to enjoy a cup of tea during breakfast, something I often skip for lack of time in the mornings 🙂

  • Sharon

    I’d like to try out the Pomegranate Firming Facial Care! It’s a funny coincidence but I read this blog entry right after finding out that my normal face wash has run out… so I’ve been reduced to using a bar soap until payday.

    Anyway, to save time I lay out my clothes and makeup for the next day just before going to bed, and also load up my coffeemaker with the fixings (I take a thermos of coffee to work) as well as prepare my lunch. And I do the bare minimum of makeup in the morning, just moisturizer/concealer/blush and eyebrow pencil, and more often than not apply the rest of it at my desk after getting to work. Fluorescent lights are not kind to my appearance :\