From Scherbie’s Desk: Be Right Back…

Hi Glitter Geek readers,

Scherbie here. My personal assistant Arianne has asked to write today’s post on her behalf. Apparently I’ve kept her so busy that she has to take a short break from blogging. Can you believe it? The nerve, right?!

Anyways, she said we’re going out for walkies (as long as I don’t have to walk on a leash!) and will be back in April. I wonder where we’re going for so long…

We will miss you, and hope to see you again soon!


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  • Aww Scherbie! Have a nice walkie with Arianne, and I can’t wait to see you guys back!

    • Thanks Sunny! *purrrr* – Scherbs

  • Lena

    hey arianne, best of luck with whatever it is you’re doing til april. i’ve always enjoyed your blog, and i hope you keep writing. see ya in april!

  • Have fun 😀 Look forward to seeing you return!

    Devon xx

  • Love your lovely black coat Scherbie! I had a very lovely kitteh that was very very close to my heart who had your similar colouring :3

  • Hi Arianne— good luck 🙂 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait until your return!

  • Sarah

    Hope you get back soon. You deserve some quality time together. Have fun on your trip.

  • slacker!