Lipstick Bandits Holiday Edition: We Do Sparkles. MOAR SPARKLEZ!

The Lipstick Bandits Holiday Edition is near and dear to my heart because I get to play with glitter. 🙂 This time around we are layering products over a red lipstick to create a sparkly red lip.

When we came up with this challenge, I thought I was doomed.  None of my five lipglosses (yeah… only five) were sparkly enough for the job.  I had to be more creative and pulled out Sonia Kashuk Eye Quad in Bronzed Beauty from a swap from fellow Lipstick Bandit Danielle.  The gold glitter was chunky and sparkly enough for me. 🙂

Giorgio Armani Rouge 406, Chanel Fatale, Sonia Kashuk Bronzed Beauty

Giorgio Armani Rouge 406, Chanel Fatale, glitter from Sonia Kashuk Bronzed Beauty

To get my sparkly holiday lips, I started with Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani in Rouge 406 as a base.  I added a small amount of Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Fatale to create a sticky base, then patted the glitter all over for… well, pure awesomeness.

Not the lowest maintenance of lip looks, but holy crap; seeing my lips like this make me want to kick myself and yell out expletives.

If sparkly lips are your thing — and if not, why are we friends? 😛 — you definitely have to check out the rest of the Lipstick Bandits’ red and sparkly lips:

See You in 2012, Beauties!

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?  As for me, I’m going on a brief hiatus for the rest of my holiday break. Once again thank you for reading Glitter Geek! I appreciate your continued support for Glitter Geek. 🙂  Have a safe and fantastic New Year!

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  • Your lips are so pretty I just want to hide forever. Have a good break and enjoy the new year, love!

    • Thanks Xiao. 😀 Have a great new year with your family!

  • Danielle

    OoooOOooO! Gorgeous! Glad you are putting that gold shade to good use 😉 BTW- Chanel Fatale is fabulous! Thanks for adding to my wishlist *shakes fist*

    • Oh Fatale is killer (see what I did there?). It adds depth to the lips in a snap with that blood red shade… mmm. I love it!

  • Mel

    Loving this lip look! 🙂

  • Eeeee, so pretty! Everyone is so pretty!

    I want an Armani lipstick, too, now 😛 Darn you.

    • The Rouge d’Armani = best lipstick formula I discovered this year. Love love love.

  • AHHH this Armani is so gorgeous!!! It’s like the perfect red! And the sparkle from the quad-perfect. I don’t have an Armani Lipstick…

    • Get yourself a Rouge d’Armani, Tracy! You will love.

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  • Um, HELLLOOO trifecta of perfection!

  • OMG this is so beautiful! Makes me want to yell out expletives too.

    Seriously though, that pairing of Armani+Chanel is killer. And then you throw sparkles on top o.O

  • I LURVE THE SPARKLES! Thanks for this look!

  • Can I has red lips & sparklez!?
    Kinda seriously digging this lip combo. Want Fatale kinda, seriously, badly. It’s like no red gloss I’ve ever seen O__O

    • You can HAZ! The formula is one of the best (the Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss). I want another.

  • Love the red lips 🙂
    How do you become a lipstick bandit?

    • Hi Sarah, the Lipstick Bandits is something we started for fun. Every now and then, we recruit others to join. 🙂

  • Urfffffff. I hate to play favorites but I think this is my favorite. I’m not really a sparkly lip girl but this is quite pretty.

    • Aww you’re sweet; thanks Eden-Avalon!

  • Guh. Love this!! High maintenance or not, that lip is GORGEOUS.

    (But we seriously need to start working on your gloss collection! 😛 Have you ever swatched Korres’ Rose Cherry Lipgloss? I feel like it would look ah-mazing on you.)

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  • Such a beautiful combination! And I have to second what Danielle said: thanks a lot, I totally need Fatale now!

    ♥ Jessica

  • Love the combo! Goodness my red lipstick wishlist is getting out of hand.

  • Love Chanel Fatale. Happy New Year Arianne and all the best in 2012 🙂

  • Paris B

    I love the look of that Giorgio Armani!! Terribly pissed that they’ve pulled out and I can’t check it out in person now 🙁 still, I may be going somewhere that has it so will definitely have this on my list! Happy new year Arianne 🙂

  • it’s just not fair how perfectly shaped your lips are!!! man, i’m so jealous!! this red lippy turned out fantastic- and i must go check out that sonia kashuk quad- i’m a sucker for browns and golds in the same palette. happy new year to you!!!

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