Beauty Is Pain: Marcelle Lux Eye Dust Review and Swatches.

Marcelle Lux Eye Dust ($11.95) loose pigments are gorgeous; there’s no doubt about that. However, opening the packaging of these delicious morsels of eyeshadows reminds me of the lyrics to a Bon Jovi song:

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds, and harms
Any heart not tough or strong enough
To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud, holds a lot of rain
Love hurts, ooh love hurts.

Dear Marcelle Lux Eye Dust: Y U no easy to open?

A lot of “ow!” and split thumbnails later, I finally managed to open all of these suckers.  They come in a flip top lid, which makes them less messy than the regular sifter packaging, but man oh man are they a pain in the ass!

Now that it’s off my chest, let’s all hold gather around, hold hands and admire the beauties.  I swatched these dry without a base, and you can already see how incredibly smooth and pigmented they are.

Marcele Lux Eye Dust in Illusion, Vegas, Bronze Millionaire

Marcele Lux Eye Dust in Mermaid, Element, Supersonic, High Voltage

Illusion, Mermaid and Supersonic have a slight pearl finish.  Vegas, Bronze Millionaire, Element and High Voltage (my favourite!) are full-on metallic shades that are perfect for holiday party season.  It also comes in Ocean (teal), Go-Violet (violet) and Fantasia (fuchsia), which you can win in my giveaway (ends at midnight)!  All of them are paraben-, oil- and talc-free.

Who’s in the mood for creative loose pigment photos?  Just try to look at them and tell me you’re not making grabby hand gestures at your computer screen. :)

Illusion, Vegas, Bronze Millionaire, Mermaid, Element, Supersonic, High Voltage

Illusion, Vegas, Bronze Millionaire, Mermaid, Element, Supersonic, High Voltage

Here’s a tissue to wipe that drool of your face.

Vegas, Bronze Millionaire, Mermaid, Element, Supersonic, High Voltage

Illusion, Vegas, Bronze Millionaire, Mermaid, Element, Supersonic, High Voltage

Loose Eyeshadows Are Annoying But So.Freaking.Gorgeous. Discuss.

Who’s with me?  Do you like loose eyeshadows?  Who makes your favourite pigments?

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  • Farah

    love the photos thirsty!

    • Arianne

      Thanks Farah! :)

  • Jamilla

    I received some Ted Baker loose pigment eye shadows – and they are stunning! They weren’t even too hard to work with either. I also love Barry M Dazzle Dusts.

    • Arianne

      Oooh the Barry M ones are stunning! I had one once, then I threw it out LOL.

  • dani@callitbeauty

    Omg, the colours. THE COLOURS!

    I’ve been wanting to try these out, but Dani + loose pigments = DOES NOT MIX! >.<

    I can just imagine the horrid mess my carpet will look like once I've gotten my hands on loose powder products -_-'.

    • Arianne

      I think it’s time to rip out the carpet, Dani. 😉

  • Manon

    Wow, these are awesome pigments! I really love the colors

    • Arianne

      Which ones are your favourites, Manon?

  • Tracy@BeautyReflections

    I’ve been looking at all my Bare Minerals loose shadows and thinking I should use them again. I don’t mind loose pigments!

    • Arianne

      Do you use a base or mixing medium Tracy?

      • Tracy@BeautyReflections

        Just a base. But I recently acquired an Inglot product that i think will make them work better!

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  • Danielle

    I’ve loved this brand for over a decade, but I’ve absolutely broken nails trying to open the bloody things.

    • Arianne

      Wahhh so sad to hear that I’m not alone. :(

  • Donna Marie

    Awesome pics girl! Love them! So artsy fartsy :) I haven’t tried mine yet. Can’t wait to play with them though! Are they anything like the Annabelle ones? Those I have.

    • Arianne

      Thanks Donna Marie! I have never tried the Annabelle ones, sorry!

  • Michele

    agreed im in love with mine XD but like u said packaging is a pain in the ass.

    • Arianne

      I managed to pry mine open with my palette knife from my makeup kit. But that was after I already split a finger nail. :(

  • Michelle (LipstickRules)

    Love the photos! I haven’t tried opening these yet myself. Going to try this weekend. Colours look fab.

    • Arianne

      The colours are gorgeous. :) I think you’ll like them… that’s if you can get them open.

  • JennySue Makeup

    I LOVE LOVE the LOOK of loose powders, HATE how messy they are to apply. I do like Bare Mineral shadows, not their face powders (zero staying power), and especially their eye shimmers.

    • Arianne

      Mmm I’m with you JennySue. I use a mineral foundation but in a pressed compact. I cannot deal with loose face powders, not even the setting powder in my makeup kit. Bare Minerals does have nice shades. :)

  • G A B Y

    I have Bronze Millionaire and another one (I think it’s Supersonic?) and even though they are gorgeous and insanely pigmented (and freaking hard to open!), I ended up giving them away because I simply can’t bear with the mess pigments make in general ):

    • Arianne

      I think maybe if it’s something that you really really love, you could press it? But then again it’s too much work. :(

  • Liz (Beauty Reductionista)


    I haven’t advanced to pigments yet but it’s probably only a matter of time.

  • SilhouetteScreams

    Pretty pretty! I love loose shadows, but I usually go for sample baggies (haven’t bought a fullsize in a year!) I haven’t found any jars that haven’t caused me problems >__< either they're unopenable or the shadow gets caught in the 'teeth' of the jar.

  • Beauty Box

    Your photos look amazing…those pigments look so vibrant…Too bad these are only available in Canada, I believe?

    • Arianne

      Hi Beauty Box, they also ship to the US for online orders. :)

  • marisol

    My favorite loose shadow is MAC’s Deckchair pigment. I actually bought a full size container and while i doubt I will ever use all of it, I still treasure it. I wonder if you could press these shadows?

  • Paris B

    *makes grabby hands at screen* I love the pigment artsy photos! And I haven’t used loose powder shadows or pigments in a while. I loved the ones from MAC and Make Up For Ever. Very pretty when applied but a pain in the butt when they get everywhere. Wish we got Marcelle here – I’m seeing so many lovely products to try from the brand 😀

  • fabulouslyfrugirl

    Wow. Such bright colours – it really just looks like it’s artwork that I can hang in my room :)

    I’ll keep an eye out for these next time Marcelle has a sale. Would we use different brushes to apply loose powder as opposed to the normal eye shadows?

  • Eden-Avalon

    Gorgeous to be sure, but I have such a flimsy hand and such poor brushes that I haven’t mastered the use of the PACKED eyeshadow let alone the loose.

  • Nouf

    The colors look amazing!!

  • AniBEE

    I learned how to do makeup/eyelooks with Pigments despite my shacky hands.

    after triy a tone of brands (mineral and Indei) over the course for 4 years NAKED Cosmetics and Fyrinnae and my two two pigment companies.

    I not happy with the price point of these Marcelle Lux Eye Dust. I did pick up Element as it was a gorgeous shade but you’re not getting a lot of product inside that oversize jar.

  • Jen W

    OMG I love those creative loose pigment photos- they are works of art! I can imagine how messy that would have been though lol.

    I’m loving the look of Mermaid and Element.

  • xiao

    Element absolutely slays me, though a part of me is thinking i need to get off this neutral kick soon!