YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole Has My Name Written All Over It + FOTD!

This is a YSL lipstick.

Nice, right?  That iconic gold packaging is so breathtaking.  It’s pure luxury.  What could YSL possibly do to make this gorgeous tube of lipstick sexier in my eyes?

Hello, engrave my name on the packaging.  I got this personalized tube of lipstick as a gift from the lovely people at YSL and thank you, thank you, thank you!  I shall cherish it forever.  So you’re probably curious as to what colour is inside, yeah?

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole

This is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole ($38). Eeeeeee!  It’s a bright but sheer pink, and it is every bit as gorgeous as its packaging.  The Rouge Pure Couture Golden Lustre line is new and available now exclusively at The Bay.  They contain reflective pigments of pink, white and yellow gold that give the shades that little bit of extra dimension on the lips.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole

These are more sheer and more moisturizing than the Rouge Pur Coutures. They almost feel like a gloss on the lips. I love this lipstick formula!  Here is a comparison of 110 Fuchsia Symbole and Rouge Pur Couture in 07 Le Fuchsia.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole Swatch

110 Fuchsia Symbole / 07 Le Fuchsia Rouge Pur Couture Swatches

The new line is available permanently except for one shade, 113 Rose Parisien, which was recently featured on Lipstick Rules and oh. my! — do we love the shade or what?

Get the Look

Because this fuchsia pink is quite sheer, I chose to wear 110 Fuchsia Symbole with an silver and black smoky eye using YSL Ombre Duolumières in N° 41 – Silver Moiré / Flannel Black ($52) from the YSL Holiday collection.  This is a great party look and I am really pleased with how it turned out. 🙂

For the eyes, I started by blending a brown cream base (Annabelle Muddy Smudge Paint) all over the lid and above the crease.  I sprayed a flat eyeshadow brush with MAC Fix+, then applied the silver eyeshadow wet on the inner half of the eyelid, as well as the inner third of the lower lash line.  I then applied the black eyeshadow along the outer third of the eyelid, blending into the outer crease.  I took a chocolate brown eyeshadow (MUFE 17 Espresso) in between the black and the silver to blend the two seamlessly.  I also applied the brown in the crease and ran it along the lower lash line, followed by the black along the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line.  I applied black eyeliner all around (Annabelle Ohmygoth! Smudgeliner) and mascara (Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill).

I also wore one of my best purchases at IMATS — the Velour Lashes in You Complete Me — in this FOTD.  Can you say bombshell lashes ten times fast?  I just adore these lashes.  They are so soft and lush.

For the cheeks, I left rest of the face clean with a neutral blush (NARS Douceur) and a little bit of contouring (MUFE 17 Espresso).

Read on to see more pictures!

More Pictures!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in 110 Fuchsia Symbole

What is Your Go-to Party Look for the Holidays?

I tend to wear chocolate browns and golds a lot during the holidays. What about you?

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  • Mel

    You look gorgeous! Love the lashes and the lipcolor is stunning 😉

    • Thank you Mel! It’s such a great pink. 😀

  • Wowza. Gorgeous! (you and the lipstick)

  • PS: Lash extensions?

    • They are Velour Lashes false lash strips! Got them at IMATS. 🙂

  • You look BEAUTIFUL! I want my name engraved on gorgeous packaging… *jealous mode activated*

    • Hahaha I’d be jealous to if it were someone else. 🙂 Thanks Soha!

  • jamiila

    You look utterly stunning! Lucky girl!

  • I was planning to go gold shadow, liquid black liner and red lips, but this…this is Oh My Wow! You look beautiful – I do expect to recreate and pass your tips along 🙂

    • Thank you Alison. Gold + liquid liner is such a classic look. Love that one as well!

  • Those lashes are freakin’ amazing!
    Oh yeah, the lipstick is cool too. 😉

    • I love them both. I can’t pick a favourite. Thanks Tracy!

  • Gorgeous color! May need to get my hands on this

    • You should go Jeneille! 🙂

  • I LOVE everything about this look!
    The idea of engraving a lipstick is so old fashioned in a wonderful way, and you’ll be able to keep the cap and reuse it!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you Jessica. That’s how I feel, too! It’ll go with all my other YSL lipsticks too. 🙂

  • Lawd have mercy…

    The lippie! Your name on the lippie! The Shade of the lippie!

    The FOTD, too! And those lashes!

    This post has rendered me somewhat speechless & flaily (like Rae :p)

    • LOL! Yes, I am indeed speechless and flaily 😛 Absolutely LOVE everything in this look, Arianne! The lipstick is gorgeous, but damn – I think it’s the eye duo that’s stolen the show (for me). Really, really lovely EOTD! : )

      • Thanks Rae! I don’t think the duo would be so great on me if I didn’t add that bit of chocolate brown to the look. Oh, and hello, lashes! 😉

    • LOL thanks Dani! *flails*

    • I’m gonna be totally unoriginal and say… I had absolutely the same reaction, dani

      Also, those lashes are the fluttery BOMB, Arianne! Love the lilac-ish pink. Gotta get myself one of those when I get out of my berry/wine/purple/goth lipstick obsession

      • LOL fluttery BOMB! I love you Xiao! 🙂

  • You look gorgeous! Lipstick is not too bad either 😛

  • Charlene Ann

    just absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks Charlene Ann! 🙂

  • Oh that is so lovely of them to have your name engraved on the lippy! And gorgeous shade too, very wearable.

    • Isn’t it nice? Usually I’m not for pearly finish but I like the dimension this brings to my lips. 🙂 Thanks Lilit!

  • Okay, if ANYONE ever stole your lipstick and tried to pass it as their own you could be all “Nuh uh. My name is on it!”.
    I’d kill to have my name on a lipstick tube. I knew I should I have went into metal works in high school! Then I could etch in my name in anything I own

    • Haha, me too Ashley! I would love to engrave my name on EVERYTHING.

  • BooBooNinja

    Fantastic colour! You make me want to try on fuschia lippies.

    • Do it BooBooNinja! This is a great place to start. 🙂

      • BooBooNinja

        I think I will!
        I am on a Project 13 (skin/haircare)… but I have to go to Holt Renfrew tomorrow to pick up a gift for my mum. I might have to play around with some fuschia lipsticks. Can you recommend any for a NC20/25 girlie? Then again, maybe I’ll just play with what’s there. Keep my horizons open. 😀

  • OMG – your name on a YSL lipstick? That is the best thing EVER! And they picked such a gorgeous shade for you – so lovely!

  • Danielle

    OMG!!! I love everything about this look. The lashes are fabulous! I love the idea of an engraved lipstick, I think I need to do that with one of my favorite ones…maybe a Burberry? 😉 What a lovely gift to cherish!

    • An engraved Burberry lipstick would be heavenly. Ahhh! 🙂 I’m getting butterflies just thinking about the sexiness of it.

  • That color is gorgeous, and I’m flabbergasted by your lashes – is the Armani mascara that good at separating and lengthening? Bc if so, I need to go buy it RIGHT NOW.

    Also, I am going to need my own engraved YSL lipstick some day:)

    • Hi Blossom Shed! No, I’m wearing Velour Lashes falsies in You Complete Me. 🙂 Aren’t they FABULOUS?

  • EEeeeee! The lipstick is gorgeous, but those lashes!!! Fab!

    • Best $20 I ever spent. 🙂

  • That lipstick ia fabulous & you look amazing. Those lashes are a must get!

    • Thanks Marisol! These are the best false lashes I’ve ever worn!

  • BEAUTIFUL! The lashes, the lips! You’re a doll!

    • Thank you Eden-Avalon! 🙂

  • Holy crappola you look AMAZING!! Thank you so much for writing down all the details of what you did to your eyes, I’m going to try it out one day 😉

    Those lashes are AMAZING!

  • OMG you look amazing…and your name on the lipstick is just too special….I think that could be a great gift idea to personalize beauty products….

  • this is so stunninggggg and i lovedddd the eyes , the transition is so flawless and beautiful … i dont have enough words to say how gorgeous it is honey 😀 😀

  • Your lashes are so pretty. If only I was able to apply them.

  • Karina

    loooveee the make up and lashes! what glue did you use?

    i needs to get me some of these lashes..

    • I used the clear DUO glue. 🙂 The best, really.

      • Karina

        thats like the fastest reply ive ever gotten.. thanks!!

  • anna

    oh my… You are so beautiful!